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  1. Dear Nat, thank you very much for the immediate reply. In fact, I also prefer the overlay-funktion to add text. Results of subtiteling are unimportant anyway and the only way to insert them is what you described. I only looked for an easier possibility to do. Thank you once more and kind greetings Heinrich
  2. Hallo VideoPad-Anwender, ich fange erst damit an und finde keinen Weg, Untertitel zu einzelnen Clips hinzuzufügen. Jeder Untertitel erscheint ungewollt beim ersten Clip. Bin für praktische Tipps dankbar. Beste Grüße, Heinrich
  3. Dear Users, I'm from Germany and I don't have much experience in using VideoPad. How can I place subtitles to separate clips? If I use a subtitle it appears just at the first clip. Kind regards, Heinrich
  4. hamichel

    German Forum

    Dear Members, I'm German and use VideoPad for introducing German seniors to create their videos. Most of them are not able using the English language. Is there any way to use the forum in German? Kind regards H. Michel
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