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  1. I had the understanding that VP IS an appropriate software! I'm confused. Express Burn is a "verified" solution and VP is a verified problem. How is it that NCH has yet to resolve VP given this info? Yes, I had previously found that other thread. Thanks for the luck but what I really need is a software to do what it advertises. It obviously CAN as I have 3 discs successfully burned. I appreciate all of the "try this" and "try that" stuff but I'm wondering if you can see why I'm frustrated? I'm wondering if anyone yet heard that I have 3 discs successfully burned? Clearly, VP worked for those 3 discs. I've provided all of my settings and error messages. I'm trying to understand why 3 discs burned successfully in between all of the other failures. Does anyone have an answer?
  2. Hi, Nat. Yes I have. Burn process still crashes. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Thanks for your continued engagement. I'm curious about the shame comment. Are you referring to my considering a refund? When you say "video players" do you mean computer-based players like Media Player or do you mean DVD disc players? If you mean the former then this won't help me. My goal is to create DVD's with chapters to play in DVD disc players. My project actually consists of one mp4 file that was created by exporting a project with VP. I'm inclined to try a DVD-R disc however considering everything I've posted here - I have serious doubts that this is a resolution. I'll give it a whirl and let you know.
  4. I've experienced this, too and found that the problem was a tiny gap/void in between clips. Sliding the clips together resolves. An easy way to see this is revealed by the "X" transition icon located at the end and beginning of your clips. The "X" at the end of the previous clip will be unaffected but the "X" at the beginning of the next clip will appear cut in half. This is impossible to see if the view is zoomed in. You need to zoom out to see it. I've had "micro" gaps between clips that I couldn't see until zooming all the way out. I've been mindful when splitting to use split with ripple.
  5. Well, my attempt after clearing the cache burned one DVD but then the verification process crashed. I checked the DVD and the movie burned however playback was plagued with freezes that began about 30 seconds into it. It was like this on my PC with Media Player but wouldn't even load on my DVD player. I'm up to 9 hours of trying to burn and have only 3 DVD's that load and play without issue. The DVD's that I've successfully burned were created with 8GB in the cache. The one DVD that failed to verify was burned with the cache cleared. This tells me it's not the DVD+R discs nor the cache nor anything about my project file. I'm not encouraged to test anything further. Thanks for clarifying what was meant by "lengthy". Considering everything, I'm also not encouraged to send my project file. If there was something about it that causes issues then I'm wondering how I have 3 viable discs. Could you please tell me what you might expect to find in the project that will help understand all of this? At this point, I'm considering a refund. Or if Express Burn is the only answer - I'm wondering if NCH will provide a free copy?
  6. Thanks for the response, borate. I just went through the process again prior to reading your response. One disc burned OK but then my next one crashed. I'm trying again but cleared the cache first. 8GB were cleared. I'm working off a 2TB drive that has 1.5TB available so I doubt that drive space is a problem. I'm curious about DVD+R versus DVD-R. Could you tell me why DVD-R might be more successful? I'm also curious about your "lengthy" comment. My original project was 2 hours 30 minutes. I cut it down in order to fit on 4.7GB discs as I have over 200 blanks! If my project of 1 hour 3 minutes is considered lengthy - what is the max project size? Lastly, how is it that there isn't clarity on this error? I've seen many people having trouble with it. What info can I provide to help clarify for users? Regarding uploading my project - I'm unable to do that. It's a collection of video from a family vacation and I'm uneasy about providing access to personal info like this.
  7. I've searched through this forum for help regarding exporting to DVD and I've found "Try Express Burn" posted as an answer in several places. This doesn't help me. I want the software that I paid for to do what it says it can do! I have VPPro v6.1 running on Windows 7 Pro. I export to DVD like this: Export Video > DVD Movie Disc > Choose Disc Settings > Burner: G:\ > Video Format: NTSC > Video Aspect Ratio: Wide Screen (16:9) > Click Create button > Burn Video DVD dialogue box launches > Burner Drive: G:\ > Write Speed: [MAX] > Copies to burn: 5 > Verify burned content is correct after burning is checked > Name of the Disc: Disc 1 > Click Burn button > Click Create Menu button > Load template > Click Save Menu button > Click Use bookmarks as chapters The Encoding Title dialog box fires and it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to process my 1 hour 3 minutes project. It displays 100% Complete then goes into Writing to Disc VTS_01_1.VOB My first 3 attempts failed. After all of the above, VPPro began writing to the disc only to fail within minutes with this error message: “Failed to create your DVD. Error with the write address.” Today I tried again and I had success! My first DVD was burned and I was prompted for another. I inserted a second disc and it burned, too! I was prompted for another and I inserted a third. This one failed. It stopped writing and threw the error message above. The annoying thing is that after that fail, the process had to be re-started. What gives? I’m using brand new Sony 4.7GB DVD+R. When I check the discs for errors – I can’t find any. I’ve spent about 6 hours trying to burn and all I have to show for it are two DVD’s. TWO! I’m unable to accept “Try Express Burn”! Can anyone explain why VPPro isn’t consistently burning? I was so thrilled to have a software that could “do it all” but now I’m inclined to scrap it and buy something else!
  8. Can someone explain why GV drops frames? It seems to do so inconsistently. For example, a piece of video will rapidly drop several hundred frames. When re-capturing the same piece of video it drops NONE. The activity on this forum suggests to me that there are few users. I can't imagine no one else having this problem.
  9. The quote function doesn't seem to work for me. I use ie 11 so I can't imagine any conflicts Regarding saving custom settings - yes , that's definitely an option and yet another superior function that MM lacks.
  10. GREAT news! Any idea of timeframe for launch?
  11. Thanks, Borate. I consider myself a “power user” with most software I have. I can see the value of the advanced capabilities however there’s also value in having pre-defined effects! I tend to use lots of snapshots – no way do I want to customize every single one of them! I don’t see the value in spending several minutes trying to Pan & Zoom a 6 second snapshot. Given the number of snapshots I use I’m looking at LOTS of time lost. Also, each snapshot will most likely have varying fluidity which will become a distracting effect rather than a pleasing one. If VP had pre-defined effects like MovieMaker then at least it would provide a starting point for editing! I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. MovieMaker lacks audio and video editing but has lots of pre-defined, single-click effects. VP has few pre-defined effects but powerful editing tools that one could spend HOURS creating similar effects that MovieMaker has at its fingertips. UGH. VP is far and away the BETTER product but I can’t get past why no pre-defined effects. I was so excited to use VP with all its advanced features like audio effects, zoom, play in reverse, etc. however I’m not a professional editor so I don’t have the time nor desire to customize EVERY single “simple” effect like Pan & Zoom. MovieMaker has 33 pre-defined Pan & Zoom and about 70 transitions. I’ve found these to be extremely helpful in creating a fluid and professional-looking video. Please tell me that these are in the future for VP!
  12. I've mastered MovieMaker but wanted to do more with audio so I purchased VideoPad Professional. I'm regretting this now because it seems impossible to add "simple" video effects like Pan& Zoom. MovieMaker's interface is SIMPLE - you just click the effect that you want located in the ribbon and DONE. You don’t have to go into a complex edit tool and add Position and Zoom effects and then make all kinds of X/Y axis keyframe adjustments! Or am I missing something? Does VideoPad have a “one-click” effects tool bar like MovieMaker that doesn’t require rocket science? If not then I might as well go back to MovieMaker. It might have audio limitations but at least I don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to get a SIMPLE Pan & Zoom effect. I’m seriously frustrated and disappointed.
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