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  1. Hi Tony, I've resolved the issue, the problem was emphasised on an idiotic scale and I do apologise... I see that the CCProxy server's authentication certificates have expired which meant that the server and client's didn't trust the connection and therefore didn't complete it. After creating a new set of certificates it appears that all is perfectly operational. Thank you for your assistance though.
  2. Hi there, I am trial testing Express Invoice for the business I help manage. I have come across a critical issue, we use a CCProxy Server for all our internet activities combined with ESET Endpoint Security on clients and the server obviously for security reasons and network control, the server also acts a File Share, DHCP Server, DNS Server and Intranet Web Server. Where the problem comes in is that whenever myself or another user attempts to send invoices and quotes from Express Invoice - the items are unable to send, being the IT and Accounts Manager I've investigated as far as possible and have found that Express Invoice seems to be unable to access the internet through a proxy server and in our network there is no other possibility, we cannot risk or set aside security for accounts management. If however it is possible to bypass this issue without having to reconstruct the entire topology of our network and it's security would someone be capable of explaining how as we are very happy with using the Express Invoice platform. Thank you. Darren Hayward Luscious Lawns
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