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  1. Does anyone know if (and how) I can create a pro forma invoice on express accounts? I've tried to look but can't find anything. I have an Invoice which I need to split into two payments (a deposit and amount after the service) while keeping the same Invoice number! Any help would be much appreciated!!
  2. I have a quote which I am about to transfer into an invoice. When this has been invoiced, I want to send over the customer their invoice, but only for part of the money. How do I keep one Invoice(the same invoice number), but send out a customer the Invoice in two parts? Is this possible? For example, the total job worth is £20,000 Materials cost £10,000 so you want this amount UPFRONT and the rest to be paid after works complete I want to send the client an Invoice for the upfront materials cost of £10,000 (so part of the Invoice) Then once the job finish, the £10,000 left over. Any ideas? Any advice welcome:) Bit stuck and may need to do this regularly from now on! Much appreciated.
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