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  1. You should have your fiscal year end set in Preferences, Accounting & then it just rolls over.
  2. I used to enter refunds from suppliers by entering a direct payment with a minus amount but V8.03 won't let me do that anymore. How do I enter the refund without it looking like new money in?
  3. This has been a problem for over a year for me & I cannot believe it hasn't been sorted yet. Having said that V7.04 still requires a fair bit of refining to sort out the many issues it has.
  4. I have a client who has gone into administration & I have a few unpaid invoices that I need to write off but can't find a way to do it other than delete the invoice. Any idea's? Thanks
  5. I have found it under Other in preferences
  6. How do I add a payment method like Cheque or Cash etc. I managed to do it quite a while ago but for the life of me cannot remember how
  7. I reconciled Feb bank account no problem & carried on with March but when I went to transfer some money from the bank account it showed that it was over 6k overdrawn, Paypal account also overdrawn & accounts receivable also showing as a negative figure. as shown in the bottom right of the main window. I've been into the journal & checked money in & out which is correct & been back to my last backup half way through Feb & all ok. If however I try & reconcile the bank account the figures are correct apart from one transfer that it won't let me do but if I reconcile it the figures are still showing 6k overdrawn I tried to do a transfer today 3/4/2014 but it said that I can't schedule a transfer with a future date so not sure if the time change in the UK has screwed it. V4.73 Mac OS 10.9.2
  8. After upgrading to 4.73 for Mac the software kindly reset all the document layouts for invoices etc that I've now got back to the way they used to be but just gone to reconcile the accounts & the Reconcile report prints half of the Payment details off the side of the page & I can't figure out how to change the layout for this report. Has anyone else had a similar problem & figured out how to change it? Thanks
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