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  1. Dougie


    Version 3.24 is discussed below. I must have missed that one. Is there a trial available? Thanks!
  2. You can also crop the video down to a 16:9 image, although you'll cut off some of the image. You can also use some video converters to change the aspect ratio but it will distort the image a bit.
  3. What still image format are you using? I have 3.12 and if I use .jpg or .bmp images I don't have this problem.
  4. Dougie


    Sometimes if you expand the timeline as far as you can, you can see the gap between clips (it's usually about 1 frame). Then you can move the 2nd clip back to fill it in.
  5. For folks like PaulX, I've had the same problem but only with slow motion clips .When the render reaches a slow motion clip, it quits. My work around is to do the slow motion effect to the individual clip(s) first (before doing any final edit), and rendering that as a new clip. Then the new clip(s) can be added to the time line during the final edit and the video will render out fine. No guarantees, but it works for me.
  6. Hi guys, Haven't been around for a while. What's the newest version of Videopad?
  7. Dougie

    out of sync

    I agree with borate about the computer. Most editors today working with HD footage really won't get by with just 2 gigs of memory and just 2 cores. I had an old eMachines with a set up like that. I changed the memory to 8 gigs (which is about all you can do with those) and it worked okay with Videopad but was still sluggish. Does it play smoothly even though it's out of sync?
  8. Dougie

    out of sync

    A simple way, if the audio is exactly the same delay throughout, is to unlink the audio from the video, then move it back until you get the best match. For some reason I find that even if I unlink the audio, I have to move it down a track or the video will still move with it. But the question to me anyway is why the sync is off?
  9. Isn't this feature most commonly found on screen capture programs? Like the kind you'd use to do computer tutorials for, say, You Tube?
  10. Yea, there is some approach to how VP works that is different then most editors I've tried. Many allow for editing with effects, transitions, etc without the need to re-render every clip or effect after every change, but rather renders during the actual export. This, of course, means often much longer exporting times, but greatly helps speed up the editing process. Others can be sped up by using smaller, less resource intensive proxy files that don't require heavy use of cpu time. I use Adobe Premiere that way and it's much faster on the same machine. Some even have proxy programs built-in. Then others (Edius with it's Edius HQ format is one example) allow for conversion to a program specific format designed to work quite smoothly with-in that editor (and detail is not lost). VP is apparently an all-at-once attack on the resources design, and I believe that is it's problem. All I know is that 3.00 through 3.14 have all promised to fix this issue and none really have. Perhaps the programmers need to reconsider their approach.
  11. I have 16 gigs memory in a fast 4 core computer, and while I like Videopad, any of the 3.xx versions always run quite slow on it. At least in my case, it doesn't seem to be memory related.
  12. I had the same problem yesterday installing 3.14. What is happening is that the 3.14 installer is finding references in the windows registry for earlier VP trial installs that have expired (possibly a 3.12 trial) that VP uninstall doesn't remove, and it's using that data to determine how long the new install has been around. I used Revo Uninstaller (it's free) and searched for "videopad", then deleted whatever it found, then 3.14 installed properly. Note however that if you do this, and have any other versions of VP installed, Revo will probably wipe them out too.
  13. Does anyone know what changes are being planned for the next Videopad release? 3.12 was a nice release, but it is still slower then 2.41 was. It is almost perfect as an editor, and would be if the speed (particularly render speed) were improved. One nice addition would be a 'Proxy' feature for easier editing of HD files. Several editors, both pro and 'consumer' level, now have this. Also improvements to the chroma keyer would be nice, such as a matte setting with black and white level adjustments. Very hard to get a clean key without a matte setting. Anyway, just wondering what's in the future for Videopad. Thanks!
  14. Dougie

    Overlay Track

    I believe that the versions 3.xxx are designed so that the overlay tracks become labled only if you use them. This helps to keep the timeline uncluttered. If you keep in mind that that's where they are, you'll be fine. It's does show (as the grey line) when you open Videopad. I doubt it can be 'pre'-labled them, unless you are a software code wizard.
  15. Or you could make sure you are on line when you try to export your movie. If you need a codec you don't have, Videopad will automatically download it before it exports. Also Mewize is right. Any of those characters in any part of a filename will abort the export.
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