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  1. A while ago, I bought the professional licensed version of videopad (3.29), because the free downloads weren't working properly. And now, when I start videopad, it doesn't respond, and stays like this for around 15 mins before it starts working. I mean, jfc, I didn't pay 60 dollars for this?!!? A question, if I download the free version again from http://www.nchsoftware.com/videopad/ , will I keep my licensed version? If so, I will do this and hopefully solve the problem. thanks!!
  2. LarryMully


    Err, I'm sorry, but I don't really understand this answer.. my question again, but simpler: can you edit videos in videopad who have the .mts format?
  3. LarryMully


    Hello! I'm going to buy a proper videocamera, and I've got my eye on a JVC whose video's format is .mts (avchd) I was wondering, is this format compatible with videopad? or do I have to change it to eg .mp4 first? thanks ;D LM
  4. Thanks! I've bought the master's edition ;D
  5. you can add a fade effect by selecting the image, and clicking the 'transition' tab above the clip preview and selecting 'fade'. This is the simplest way to do so. if this doesn't work for you, select the clip and go to: video effects- add effect- opacity, and animate the opacity to go down at the end of the image. Overlay the next image or video, and animate the opacity from 0 to 100 at the start. hope this helps LM
  6. Hi, because I've been experiencing a lot of bugs in the free version recently, I decided to purchase one of the paid versions... (I'm currently using the beta 3.31, which is glitchy as well). I have a few questions.. 1. the price (50 or 30 $), is only to be paid once, right? I don't need to pay that amount each month? 2. VideoPad Video Editor Home Edition Fully featured, but allows only two audio tracks does this mean I'll only have TWO overlay tracks? which means I can't make a splitscreen (2 audio tracks) + background music (another audio track)?! if so, I'm going to buy the master's edition. If hope someone can answer these questions for me! I really want to stop using the glitchy beta LM
  7. Only after exporting.. which makes it even more frustrating
  8. okay.. hi... all I seem capable of is complaining about videopad... I'm sorry :$ A few weeks ago I finished editing a video, exported it and watched the finished version... and something weird was going on. After every cut, the last second of audio was repeting itself... this problem could be (kind of) solved by overlapping the two cuts.. though I can't overlap EVERYTHING.. I tried to download videopad again, this didn't help at all, it only made things worse.. (I can't save the projects any longer..) anyone else having this problem? or, does anyone know how to solve it? thaaankss LM.
  9. LarryMully


    Thank you all so much!! I've downloaded version 3.28, which is working perfectly fine! @Guru I export to .wmv .. has been working so far ^^ LM.
  10. LarryMully


    I'm sorry for the late reply.. anyway, at the time I used version 3.01... then, I downloaded a newer version which worked perfectly fine for nearly a month... A few days ago that version started crashing over and over again, so I got rid of it and downloaded it again..... I editied a video for over 4 hours and then it told me I was using a trial version and it couldn't saved. Needless to say I was angry as f***. I'm currently working on a video we have to make for a school project, so It's quite important. The point is... I can't find a free download which doesn't tell me to buy the freaking program whenever I'm trying to edit something... I hope someone could help me.... :| LM.
  11. LarryMully


    Thank you so much! This really helped LM.
  12. LarryMully


    Hi all! I've had this problem for quite a while and I'd like to know if any of you have the same and if you could help me. Whenever I stick two 'cuts' together there is a 'black gap' in between them of around 1/10 second.. this quite annoys me since I mainly make youtube videos (vlogs). I hope someone can help me! LM.
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