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  1. I think the only way this can work in your Spa is to put the extention of your IMS registered with Axon in your Spa. Example: 197 197@192.168.xxx.xxx did not work for me 192.168.xxx.xxx@197 did not work 192.168.xxx.xxx:606 did not work 197 worked Make sure that extention 197 or whatever you have chosen to use for your MOH is registered with Axon. To see if it is registered login to your Axon web control panel, select extentions and look under Status, if you see sip:197@xxx.xxx.xxx:port then you have sucessfully registered IMS with Axon. If you don't see the status for extention 197, then do the following. First shut down both Axon and IMS, then restart IMS first waite a few seconds and then Axon. (This is just one of the solutions I used to get me going) From you Spa phone dial 197, if you hear music on hold, then you are in business the rest is up to you how you can use the hold button is it's difrent from phone to phone. Hope this will help or at least get you in some directions, if it work please hola back!!! Cheers Phill
  2. I don't have a BT200; I think if you are on same LAN try not to use any NAT servers or set it to "No" see if that will help.
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    no music on hold

    I believe that it depends on what type of adapter or softphone you are using. Can you please repost with specifig info on what you are using to receive and make calls and maybe somebody with the same hardware or softphone can help.
  4. I think the proxy sever for vonage is "sphone.vopr.vonage.net:5061", try it with the port number and see if that will fix it. Cheers Phill
  5. The answer for your problem is infront of you. (Check username or password for the proxy server.)
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    Hi Gents, I'm not an expert; I just want to help since I had the same problems. Try to adjust your Sip Compatibility Options located in the Advanced sip server settings and see if that will solve your problem. Take a look at this thread http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2881 If that work, please reply back with a Y or N , for other’s who’re having the same problems.
  7. I'm using the SPA 2000 with out any problems.
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    Can't realy understand your questions!!
  9. Try and see if this will help. Click on External Line and then click to edit your Vontel line. When you click on edit, you will see Advanced Line Settings - click on that. And then enable Call Activity Polling - make sure to save before you exit. Hope that will solve your problem. Cheers Phill
  10. Adrian, just a quick question for you. Does the incoming call disconnect after 6 seconds?
  11. Hey Hernan! I had the same problem too, the way I solve this is by renaming the Outbound Dialing Plan to default. If I use some other name like Vonage, Spa or what ever name, Axon does not dial out. Try to rename your DP Name: SPA1 to default Please reply if that works, so that we can report it as a bug. Cheers Phill
  12. If you mean the Default Start Prompt!!! You must enter a full file path to a wav file path (eg. "\\Server\My Files\Recordings\Start Prompt.wav"). Hope that help
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