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  1. Guys, Any one have any Idea ?? here is the exact topology of my network, we have a server ( and to NIC Card one connected to the LAN the other connected to the ADSL, rest of computers are connected to the LAN and have access to Internet via NAT, PAP2 connected to the hub and get an Static IP of 192.168.0.XXX, Axon is on one of the clients and Express talk is in all the clients, we hvae no problem connecting Extension with Axon, but, Axon could not connect to PAP2 for External Line, I would really appreciate your help on this.
  2. Hi Guys, I am very new to this Virtual PBX Axon Software, I have a LinkSys PAP2 with 2 line telephone, I want to install Axon on a windows 2003 SE as a PBX and each Station could send in/out call using Axon, Via FXO, I already install Axon and Express Talk in server and station, but I do not know how to link Axon With PAP2, in order to be able to handel calls, I would really appreciate it if you could help me out here. By the way, extensions could connect with each other but non could contact external line, I think I am missing something here.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I found a very good deal on LinkSys PAP2 does anyone work this product with AXON ? 2 RJ-11 and one RJ-45 it support to seperate phone lines!
  4. Hi, I just wants to know that if anyone check other Sipura products with Axon for example SPA-1001 or SPA 2000 Thank you for your help ...
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