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  1. Wow, this company has got to be the one with the WORSE tech support! A year later and NADA! WOW.... No, W.O.W.!!!
  2. m4f1050

    Silent Calls

    Now why can't I get this to work? AFTER 7 YEARS of running this PBX I can only get it to work if I VPN into my network. UGH!!!!!!!!
  3. I am getting this message on version 2.21 Any ideas?
  4. m4f1050

    MagicJack to IVM

    I am getting a 401 Unauthorized. I set my proxy to proxy01.tampa.talk4free.com:5070 (since I am from Orlando, that is my corresponding proxy.)
  5. m4f1050


    Does anybody have a solution to this? I would like to use my magicJack as my VoIP. I was testing a Voice Modem but I had some issues with it... What is the best Voice Modem to use with Axon and magicJack?
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