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  1. No, i didn't figure this out; I have a splitter cable i've been using w/ an mp3 player, but i have to plug in and unplug the mp3 player in order to return functionality to the mic. ie. splitter jack A has mp3 player, jack b has mic. I leave mic plugged into b; and when i need to pause for bathroom or whatever, i plug the mp3player in and let it go, when i come back, unplug the mp3 player and click mic back on. This is as you can imagine very cumbersome, and jagged; I can't really ease music in over my voice, and ease it back out when i come back on. I'm reinstalling broadwave today, and am going to be getting back into the swing of it so if you have a software solution i can utilize it would be GREAT!. thanks in advance.
  2. best bet is to contact your network admin, do a google search for your isp contact info
  3. run through step by step with us what you've done, I mean every step, if you changed your desktop picture, list it(may not be relevant, but every little detail helps see where you might have gone wrong.
  4. no problem, We need to know a few key specific things. 1. your os 2. your router type 3. is your computer like mine and have an unchangable http server port?(mines 80) 4.by "stream from" do you mean listen or broadcast from?(like is it the computer you have broadwave installed and running on or are you having trouble streaming from another computer on your own network? if you've gone through all the hassle of port forward.com (i know it's a bitch trying to get through that step) and you've set your computer ip to a static ip (tcp/ip - 2000) (ip4/tcp - vista) in network properties ip settings. click 'set ip to the follow' and use the static ip you want to use ( for example the key is to use the first three number sets of your default router ip, usually or etc) for the ip, and for the subnet mask, and your default router ip for the default gateway and the DNS server. click ok Now click the "sharing" tab in the X network connections properties box make sure "allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection" IS checked, and the "Allow other network users to control ... " is NOT checked now click the settings button on this tab highlight(and check the "broadwave web server" and click edit in the 'name or ip' settings put the ip of your static computer (192.168.1.xxx(i use 200 u can use pretty much what ever u want) leave the default port for now.(i'm still figuring some of this out, this is a 'make it work' but not perfect setup now click and edit the 'web server:http' option in this 'settings' tab (same that u selected the broadwave webserver from make this ip also 192.168.1.xxx(200,etc) this port should be automaticically chosen(mine is, set at 80, i can't change it.) click ok, and ok again then close. now open a web browser enter your router settings for portforwarding (you gotta look into portforward.com for this part, at least accessing your port forwarding options, it's under "gaming/applications" in linksys routers. there will be a form with "Applications" "start port" "end port" "protocol" "ip" "enable" they are as follows app.: "broadwave" start: "80" (default http webserver port we discovered earlier) end: "80" same as above protocol: TCP ip: 192.168.1.xxx (200 etc) enabled: check the box. now click save Now go to "Ipaddy.com" and find out your public ip open broad wave and open the options click use spefified public ip and use 192.168.1.xxx (200 etc) and use port 80 (this is the default http web server) click ok and then connect. this should work, it's been working for me. so let us know how it pans out. again this is not a sound or stable methodology necessarily, it is however a trial and error successful settings so let me know.
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    thanks, i hope so! i'll post my show adress and schedule when i get every thing set up.
  6. is there a way to stream live with my microphone, but mix in audio on my computer? say if i have a commercial break and i want to play tunes back into my live feed, is there a way to switch between the microphone and an mp3 on my hard drive?
  7. alright it's really not to difficult, unless you, like me had no knowledge of basic networking when you get started... so lets get started. the first thing you have to do is (once downloaded and installed of course) set up your router. First, go to control panel, network connections, properties,sharing,services, check the box for "Web server (HTTP)" and "EDIT" this service Take note of the port that is preselected for you(mine is 80 <shruggs>) the "Name or Ip address" of the computer your using is the next thing we'll do. I use (because it's outside the normal dhcp range(thnx Kena). But the ip you choose, as long as it is 192.168.1.xxx should be fine, I just prefer .200; now that the webserver is set up click "ok" out of the 'services' window back to the "sharing" tab. click the "Networking" tab (next to "sharing" tab) and open the properties for your TCIP/IPV4. Click "use the following ip address" and as follows ip address : subnet mask : 255:255:255:0 Gateway : DNS: You can click "ok" back to your control panel/network connections window. open a web browser and type it will ask for a password, if you havn't set one up yourself already, use "admin" for the username, and "admin" for the password, these are default settings for the linksys router. Now we'll forward our ports. You'll click "Applications and Gaming" there will be a form with, in order, "applications" "start port" "end port" "Protocol" "Ip Address" and "enable". Applications : "Broad Wave" (a suggestion, you could name it "retarded blind kid" if you want to, but that may be confusing in the future. start port: 80 (or what ever port you took note of earlier when you turned on your web server) end port: 80 (see start port) Protocol: TCP ip address: Enabled : check the check box for yes! now save your settings. now it's time to run broadwave, do so, and open the options under the general tab you will see Connection: O This computer connects with a static ip O Use this specified known domain or public ip I click 'use this specified known domain or public ip and use and make sure you specify the noted port from earlier(80) for me. I'm still not positive if this is needed or not, so hopefully the forum will clear this up for us confused folk. now set up your live feed through line in or microphone, or set up a play list of tunes to broadcast, and click connect. to test it I copy the url from the autoloaded page from broadwave in an email, I change to the my public ip (found at ipaddy.com) and under the link, i paste the redirect "audio stream supported by broadwave) link as requested by NHC into the email, and send it to myself, I then test it from both internally(first) and externally from my network. this should pretty much cut it, let me know if i missed anything.
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    okay, so the problem was in my network connections -> properties -> Sharing => settings -services -> web server (http) needs to be checked.. for some reason it won't let me edit the port to use for the server, but i just set broadwave and my port forwarding to the default port designated by windows and it works i'm gonna write up a step by step for the linksys wireless router.look for that in a few hours.
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    even internally when i try it says a valid page exists but a connectoin can not be made. As far as externally i've never had any luck. I don't know how i got the internal to work the first time.. my router went crazy so i had to reset it, i was hoping it would make things work easier. Any ideas as far as router firewall settings? should i uncheck filter multi-cast?
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    Alright, I got port forwarding working to the point where i have set my static ip and still connect to the net(i was having trouble w/ the DNS i didn't know i was to use but that works) but pfportchecker still says no go. It's routed to port 88, at ip as i've set my static ip in network properties too. When i try to connect on my network (and at the endofinternet.net address) it says the site seems valid but a connection can not be made. I feel like headway is being made, thanks for the help, any more ideas?
  11. xisle35


    does dhcp have to be enabled? and also how does integrating with dyndns.com and my linksys router change port forwarding and broadwave settings? I'd like to utilize the free 'domain' (endofinternet.net ) I've forwarded my ports, sometimes port checker returns ports are open, sometimes not, I'm gratefull for your help plz bare with the newbie haha, i take it back, no open or connectable port... i've forwarded port 88 to with dhcp enabled as port checker suggests, and no go i turn off dhcp and try it again w/ 103(pc suggestion) no lucdk wtf? why is port forwarding such a pain in the ass?
  12. I've set up my dyndns account and domain, how do i integrate this with broadwave? I set it up, using my dyndns host as the host name for the connection and now people online get a "network" timed out error instead of a page doesn't exist error, so head way is being made, but i'm still curious as to the integration process.
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    I've gotten a connection locally from a different computer on my router. The problem is, when i send my link to freinds online they get page cannot be displayed or no connection errors. when i forward my port to ip which pfportcheck arbitrarily chooses and changes(when i installed it, and did it yesterday, it told me to forward to ip. .101, today, .103 what determines this, there is no option menu? anyway, yesterday my ports were open and good, and today they are no good, wtf? how do i get this working with a lynksis wireless router? Port forward.com is useless...because i've done what it says to do for my router (dispite no bloody broadwave application guide) and i'm having no luck and getting very frustrated.
  14. so is the public ip on ipaddy what i'd use to broadcast? even if it gives me greif about being on a 'private network' ?cause i tried and it still didn't work.
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    Okay, so I found what I'm looking for. Free, easy to set up and use, live internet broadcast. Hurray.. or so I thought. This is very frustrating. The help file refers me to portforward.com...wtf? they don't even have a broadwave application page.. I need a simple, step by step guide to setting this thing up and have not found one that does the trick. a few questions. in minutes? nope. this thing pops up everytime i hit connect. It is not the first time running the software. But I try and try again to do as instructed, I connect my microphone. It works. I click connections, and designate that I connect directly to the ineternet via a static ip. and voila. Now when i access it with in my own network it works, but I also get this message at the bottom of the same screen of the last quote (localhost:85) now i've forwarded my port 88 with ip just like everything says to do. It gives me links but i'm confused, because i though were addresses on my own private network, not very useful to others online.. so i went to Ipaddy.com and got my public ip tried that no luck, no one on the internet seems to be able to connect. Help me please before i lose faith in what seems to be perfectly good software.
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