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  1. It seems to be working now. Thx a lot. I will post back if it is not ok. But guess i nailed it!Peace!
  2. Thank you for showing interest, first of all. I installed BW and i am streaming audio from my wmp to it. I see the audio coming in so i guess it is connected right. Also my laptop can acess the link and listen perfectly. It seems that the stream cannot be acessed from outside our network. I am using a SWEEX LW050v2 router after the modem,and have both my PC (the server for the stream) and the laptop hooked to it. I am sry i cannot go step by step with it cause i almost got one entire day on it ( i mean it, since yesterday night. woke up got back to it again till now) and don't know w
  3. A laptop in my network can connect to the radio, but none outside my wetwork can. I know it can be something simple and you guys might be sick of reading this kind of things, but i searched the forum and can't figure out still. Maybe it got to do with the router or Ips or something, but im completely lost. I am trying to see if the free version works for me so i can purchase the software, butc cannot go further. Would be a shame not to keep with BW, when i already love it. Anyway, let me look further while some good soul decide to come help. Good week end!
  4. Hello everybody? I am having a problem when trying to stream my audio files. If i stream what is going through my soundcard, Broadwave works normal, but i see no audio input signal when i stream my added audio files. Is this a problem or a limitation of the free version? Thank you for this great tool and help me if you can, please. Thx in advance! Edit: I forgot to say, that when i click "connect" the page displayed comes in blank. Yesterday when i first set it up it worked fine and i could see the links.
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