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  1. Problem solved. It was the windows firewall that was set-up to port 85 for this application. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  2. I am using XP but I checked (following reading your message) and in the Windows Firewall, the port was also set at 85. You have solved my problem, Thank you !!!
  3. Hello, Thank you so much for your assistance .... 1) I have identified the specific IP address of the computer on which I run BroadWave and tried it on the other computer; still unable i.e. "Cannot display the Webpage". 2) I have validated with PFPort Checker and ports 80-88 are open on the streaming computer (of course, I have used the actual port being on the stream i.e. 80 for the above mentioned test). 3) I have also allowed ports 80 and 88 in my firewall (in all directions) on both computers. I would really appreciate your additional suggestions please, Thank you
  4. Hello, I am new to BroadWave, I have read most of the Threads in this section but still I am unable to access the stream on another computer on the same network: 1) I have the audio on the computer on which I am running BroadWave (the stream is operational and signal meter is active); 2) I am using port 88 and I have verified that it was opened; 3) I have validated my IP address at ipaddy.com; 4) The address I use on the second computer is: myipaddress:88/broadwave.asx?src=1&kbps=56 5) I have disabled my firewall and antivirus for 2 minutes to validate if they were the source
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