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  1. It's been a very very long time since V3.05 release, yet no bug fixes, no new version anywhere to be found, am I missing something??
  2. Regor


    Same Bug as Speed Change (slow down). As the file size needs to increase (but doesn't), the end gets cut off. Only solution until the bug is fixed is to insert silence at the end of the file before hand.
  3. I tried on a Win 2000 platform and the same happened to me. I don't have a problem with WinXP.
  4. Turn off the TV! ... I guess you mean in an existing recording... I'd look at either equilizer or some noise gate that would cut everything below a certain treshold volume. I am not familiar with this, but that would be where I'd start.
  5. I have the same problem, so I think this is a Bug... or a limitation of the algorithm it uses. Changing Speed and Not pitch, vice versa, is not easy I gather. UPDATE: This was fixed in V3.03
  6. I don't have a USB Mic, but I am using a Mobile USB Pre-Amp with no problems what-so-ever recording with two Mics Stereo on my Desktop Computer. Now I think that the Mobile USB Pre-Amp does some buffering, and the main concern with USB mics is not so much does it work with Wavepad but is do you have enough CPU bandwidth to record the signal with a high sampling rate using a USB Mic. For instance, when I use a laptop, I have to drop the sampling rate by 50%, even with buffering (hence why some recommend fastwire over USB), otherwise all of a sudden, the speed of the recorded music doubles when the computer start to drop bits and bites.... (i.e. it samples the music every second bites, hence giving the apparent increase in speed).
  7. yike... hopefully NCH folks will provide some feedback soon, which version are you using? They've posted an update recently (3.02 I think), but since they don't tell you what is the most current version it is rather difficult to know ... perhaps this has been resolved in that version, but again since they don't tell you what they fixed in each version, it is also hard to know... I haven't tried recently so I don't know either...
  8. The latest version of Wavepad displays VST plugins appropriately, but I have yet to find a single plugin that modified the sounds as it advertized in Wavepad, the results all seem garbled noise, no matter which plugin a tried. Since I don't have another application to test the plugin against, I don't know if this is a plugin problem or a Wavepad problem. I'd love to get my hand on a plugin that actually works in Wavepad, perhaps this is a plugin standard issue I don't know.
  9. Regor

    Please help

    What input device have you selected? Check for availble options in the Record Control window that pops up when you click on record. Chances are you have the wrong device selected.
  10. Search this forum, this question has come before. You must wait that the CD capacity is displayed at the bottom before burning.
  11. File... Convert Channel... Stereo That's it.
  12. Regor

    Recover License

    Check FAQs I think there's something about that.
  13. Regor

    vs Audacity

    I don't agree, I find the WavePad Noise removal features far superior to that of Audacity, hence why I bought WavePad instead of using the Free Audacity.
  14. Highlight the first 66 sec or so, and select Fade In in the Effects menu.
  15. I assume you mean recording while another track is playing. In which case, no. I suggested that as a new feature for next release. Available in Audacity (open source freeeware) if you need it now.
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