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  1. Scroll down i have added in the details you need.
  2. The address should be in a similar format to this yourdomainname:88/broadwave.asx?src=1&kbps=16 replace "yournamedomain" with your full domain name and change the port number if its not 88,also change the last 2 numbers to the bitrate you have your stream set for. Note add http:// to the start of the above address as when i include it it does not show the full addrees on this forum for some reason and there is no www.at start of the address
  3. In the broadwave program menu go into OPTIONS and you can set the minimum connection speed to 8,16,32,64 kbps then change your link to reflect the change,what is the link out of interest. Cheers Ian.S
  4. Your external IP address probably changed so you need to find out your current ip address by going to www.ipaddy.com and then update the link with the new ip address for your web feed.
  5. Hi You need to have port forwarding enabled on your router see older posts on this forum that i have made in the past. Cheers Ian.S
  6. Hi there I think the problem is that your PC ip LAN address is and your Wimax thing is and which is a total different network altogether so thats why it probably dont work. Cheers Ian.S
  7. Hi David I run Windows 7 and when i click on my broadwave stream it brings up a box for me to save it as a playlist file so i just save this then open it and my stream then plays in Windows Media Player. Cheers Ian.S
  8. Hi Steve Paste your URL here or send me a PM with it and i will see if it looks correct or not. Cheers Ian.S
  9. Hi Yes i think you can but you will need a seperate sound card on your pc for each stream. Cheers Ian.S
  10. In your stream url replace unofficialradio.com with your public IP address which you can get by going to www.ipaddy.com then see if you can access your stream from another computer.
  11. Go to Options then the General tab and select the Server Port to 88.Then go with first option of This PC connects directly with a static IP then click ok and try testing it again to see if WMP will connect.
  12. Check in your stream settings that you have got the Sound input selected for where your sound is coming from use the drop down options ie Line in or Default sound etc to select what you need.
  13. Hi there What address are you using to try to get your stream?
  14. Try just deleting all the characters after .asx it works ok on a PC.
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