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  1. GOOD NEWS!! I think it is finally working. I even go my Dad to test it (who lives 4 hours away) and he could hear me talking over the mic and playing some tunes. So, let's cross our fingers!! Now I just need to go to one of those websites and take care of my dynamic IP address. There is so much stuff to do to accomplish one goal! Thanks for your time and help.
  2. The main problem I am having is that Win Media Player is just not connecting to the computer that I am trying to broadcast from.
  3. Do you mean the section where I can choose which input I want to use for the audio I am trying to stream? I have a "live" signal coming in to the BroadWave software. When I play the music I want to stream, it is registering in the Broadwave audio meter. So, I think the audio is getting into the software, I don't think that is the problem. It has to be some kind of networking problem. It is probably some simple little number that I have entered incorrectly into something or something like that! I don't know if you use a Westell Versalink router or not, but do you know what the "Base Port Host"
  4. When I hit connect on the BroadWave to test my connection, it has two different addresses on for 56 and one for 24. Both of them have my public IP address on them plus some other stuff written after my IP. I have tried clicking both of them to "test" my connection and it open my Win Media Player but is just keeps trying to connect and never does. I have also tried to open Win Media Player in another computer and typed in the address that both of the links say to test my connection, but when I do that, it just says Media Player cannot find the address or something to that effect. You must be pa
  5. Hello, I have tried everything to get the software to work and I just cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I have Verizon DSL with a Westell Versalink 327w Router/Modem. I have tried several ways to open up the port - including 80, 85, and 88. Also, I have make my private IP address static (that was recommended on a YouTube vid. Now, when I was setting up port forwarding with my router, I set the Protocol to TCP, I set the "Gobal Port Start to 80, 85, 88 (three different times), I set the "Global Port End" to 80, 85, and 88 (three different times) and set the "Base Port Host to 80, 85, 88
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