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  1. it is a live stream I am only able to listen to the stream for 20secs I am currently just connecting from a LAN network before I try an external location.
  2. Don't know what the problem is but when I listen to my station locally and normal it only plays a 20sec clip of the stream instead of streaming it! i've run into this problem a few other times but somehow it got fixed by itself, but now its back and won't stop! PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. I did everything. Opening ports on my router to getting a static DNS. I can access my stream clearly from my own computer but not from any other. I am linked to the router using a wireless bridge. I have tried everything and am lost. Does it have to do with my wireless, DNS, or is it just a stupid mistake I made? PLEASE HELP!!! my stream location is http://unofficialradio.com:88/broadwave.as...=1&kbps=192
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