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  1. We have an enterprise version of Axon PBX. We map one extension for each external line. Now we have a problem: the number of SIP account in our SIP Phone is limited to six. Adding more lines should be mapped to existing internal extensions. In this scenario you cannot see which external line is being called as more than one lines ring on the same extension and you cannot answer properly. It would be good if there could be a way to receive the name or the number of the external line being called from Axon PBX. Regards Giuseppe Chillemi
  2. IVM Interactive Voice Response solves your problems. Go for it ! Don't forget to purchase 1 year support otherwhise you will be in trouble.
  3. Hello, we are owner of the enterprise version if IVM Answering attendant. Our version is 5.02. We have been affected by the non ASCI CHARACTER bug in text to spech conversion. Version 5.04 seems to solve this problem (read from history) As this version is a minor change to our version and the software never worked good for text to speech conversion, should we really pay the full version upgrade ? We have tried first to contact support but the web mechanism refuses to post support questions without paying. Thank you in advance Giuseppe Chillemi
  4. Hello, which is the latest version of IVM phone attendant ? Where I could find av ersion history ? Thanks in advance !
  5. We have given a look at the FORM but we are not able to identify the kind of partnership to choose. We sell and install SIP software solutions. This is a big change from the previous policy which requested to maintain locally an older version of the software. BTW the support has always been very gentle and cooperative into providing us informations. However, there is a strong request for a change in the upgrade policy: many people requests to pay a "small" annuall fee and have always access to the newer/bugfixed version of your software. I think your company should really take into account these voices. All around the world it is common to have this policy. We sell some other software and all of them have the same policy: pay an annual feed and you are always upgraded to the latest version. Giuseppe Chillemi Avantia
  6. Could you please explain the problem you are having ? We use Eutelia too with no problems at all (Axon 2.01) Giuseppe Chillemi Avantia
  7. Hello, we are not satisfied too with the upgrade policy and I have open a topic in IVM Telephone attendant forum. Asking for pirate version and calling them robbers is not a good way to start a discussion. We prefer diplomacy. If you want a better update policy, please reply in our thread and maybe someone will answer. Giuseppe Chillemi Avantia
  8. Hello, we have purchased IVM Telephone Attendant enterprise when its price fas as low as 380$ with discount. Now it is priced near 1000$. This does not create a big problem as the software has its value and we could try to sell it. The real problem is the upgrade policy: after 3 months the free upgrade period ends and you are forced to buy a newer version at quite the same (big) price of the new one. This poses a problem either for companies like us with wish to resell the software either to end user which needs to see their product upgraded or bug fixed. We do not want to have everything free, as written, the software has its value and there is a lot of work behind. We whish to have an affordable upgrade pricing to achive the following: Have always an up-to-date version with bugs fixed Stay in touch with the latest version of IVM-TA or Axon PBX Be able to compete against the competition. We seel other software and usually to have constant updates you pay a small annual fee and that's all. The advantage of this are clear: you get an always updated user base, your new options are always tested, the quality of product increases, the customer satisfaction is great. Please, take into consideration this request. I think it is really important. Giuseppe Chillemi Avantia
  9. I have a potential customer which whish to build an hybrid company where some people are allowed to call, some other people are not. Also an external company will connect to the local Axon PBX. It would be really nice to have a flag "Can't Call" on the single extension. Giuseppe Chillemi
  10. Update: we solved the problem reverting to a 8Khz voice rather then a 16Khz one. The only problem we have is that IVM does not handle accented characters properly and they are deleted from the output. Giuseppe Chillemi
  11. I solved the problem: I have totally reinstalled Axon and IVM upgrading to the latest version and the problem disappeared. The problem seems it was related to the port used by IVM and AXON which, for some strange reasons, were the port I have set plus 1. Giuseppe Chillemi
  12. I am using version 5.02, the latest one, and IVM crashes as soon as he try to play something using loquendo voice. Giuseppe Chillemi
  13. Hello, I have purchased IVM because of its capability to play text through SAPI. I was blind because I purchased without trying it as their special offer was about to expire. Then I discovered that LOQUENDO and IVM did not work together (((((( As anyone ever faced this problem ? Giuseppe Chillemi
  14. Despite the fact I have purchased version 4.11 I am having problems too with version 5.02. Description: IVM tries to answer the call but after 8 seconds it hungs up without playing any sound. My setup is based on Axon PBX.
  15. Hello, I have purchased Axon PBX but I am unsatisfied as it does not answer my calls after a couple of minutes. I have a router with NAT and port forwarding and I have correctly forwarded the proper ports. Is anyone able to help me ? Giuseppe Chillemi
  16. Hello, I have installed AXON, configured network and added an external line like with the same setting used when evaluating IVM Answering attendant. I have no internal lines, I am only attempting to figure if this software works. In the log I can see: "SIP PUBBLIC IP IS: xxxxxxxxxx:5060 but I don't see in the log any attempt to connect to the SIP proveder I have configured. What's wrong ? Giuseppe Chillemi
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