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  1. I think the Via is a bit of a red herring here. Can you please advise what server you are using? There is a problem with it.
  2. With DialDictate you can use the mp3 codec. But you cannot make .mp3 files. The confusion here arises because 'mp3' actually means the type of code but many laymen think it means the file extension. The reason why DialDictate uses .dct on mp3 compressed files is that .dct files can be encrypted (a requirement for medical or legal use) whereas .mp3 files cannot.
  3. Version 2.00 of Express Talk has just been released today. You can download from www.nch.com.au/talk
  4. What service provider are you using? Many 'codecs' are supported under SIP. But the SIP specification mandates all SIP connections must support type 0 uLaw to be able to call itself SIP. It sounds like your company is not providing type 0.
  5. Version 4.04 of Express Scribe has just been released. Many new improvements in better slow speed handling, improved user interface and much much more. It is still free of course. Download here: ftp://ftp.audiochannel.net/software/es.zip
  6. Have you selected VEC as the pedal type in Settings?
  7. With Express Talk you setup to link to the VRS directly (not through any sound adapters). Have a look at the Recording Calls option in the Express Talk manual.
  8. nchpeter

    Error Message on Start

    I sounds like something has become corrupt on your system. My suggestion, uninstall VRS and reinstall it.
  9. Yes definately. Express Dictate can be controlled by foot pedals.
  10. Thomas, Please post your email through the form on www.nch.com.au/pbx/support.html so we can contact you to work out this problem.
  11. For support for customers who have not software you can buy a support contract at: www.nch.com.au/support. Not only do you get a phone number you get your own tech contact.
  12. nchpeter

    Illegal Operation

    For now we will have to assume the problem is particular to your machine. If anyone else can repeat this on Windows 98, please post.
  13. Hi Leighm, If you are willing to purchase the Master's Edition of WavePad with support on the assumption we can get it to work, please purchase then put in a support request attaching the plugin in question. I will authorise refund in full if we cannot help you to get it working. Just refer to this post.
  14. We confirmed this as a bug in the beta version of 2.01. It is fixed in the current version 2.10. Download from www.nch.com.au/wavepad.
  15. This is probably a corrupt download. Can you please try downloading again.
  16. Try www.nch.com.au/hardware/telephony.html
  17. nchpeter

    registration problems

    Maybe contact support through the www.nch.com.au/support (Purchasing and Registering Support) and they can check your key.
  18. Recordpad will automatically break the file after one hour - so it should be able to go on recording for as long as your hard drive allows.
  19. Tom, WavePad could - but you would need a Call Recording Adapter. Alternatively you could try the more specific made TRx Call Recorder Software or the VRS Call Recorder Software.
  20. nchpeter

    IMS Palm Pilot

    I suppose we could make a port, but I have never see a reason why to. Why do you want to?
  21. nchpeter

    registration problems

    Is it possible you have installed it on another PC?
  22. I think whatever you think is play is actually fast-forward (dynamic speed). Just check your key assignments on your player and I hope that will fix i.
  23. I think maybe Vemail might be useful for both of the above requests. It is simpler than Express Dictate but is more suited to the the requirements. Check out www.nch.com.au/vemail/index.html.
  24. Pricing and purchasing can be found clicking on that link from the http://www.nch.com.au/dialdicate/index.html page.
  25. Have you been able to check out http://www.nch.com.au/ivm/dialogic.html? It has step-by-step information about dialogic cards.
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