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  1. I completely understand. The point I'm attempting to make is that answering "yes" to the question was knowingly misleading. Just because Dial Dictate has an option to use MP3 compression when saving a wav file, it in no way makes the file anything other than a wav file. The question wasn't will it save an MP3 compressed wav file, it was will it save "MP3 files" which means an MP3 encoded audio file with a ".mp3" extension and I can't imagine how it could have been interpreted any other way. That said, I do want to say that I am in no way unhappy with Dial Dictate and what it does. I lost time because I thought I did something it didn't but other than the MP3 issue, which is only an issue because I have to play the files over the web using a custom player built in Flash, it does everything I need.
  2. I now have my answer and yet another example of the differences between what a salesperson will tell you something does to get the sale and reality. When asked "can Dial Dictate create MP3 files?"... answer "yes"... reality "no".
  3. In re-reading the registration information I found a line referring to features that may or may not be activated depending on what type of key you purchased. Does anyone know if creating an MP3 file is one of those "locked" features that requires a certain key "level"?
  4. I've been having no luck getting Dial Dictate to create MP3's. I have a unique process in which I create users that I don't think has anything to do with the problem but I'll describe it anyways just in case I'm missing something. I have a website that directly creates "user" folders (randomly generated 8 digit numbers for access code) and writes the dat file for each new user registration in "C:\Documents and settings\....\Dial Dictate\Users\" The idea is that a registered user can call, dictate and then send the file to the users folder, also created during registration. Each "users" dat file contains the full folder path "E:inetpub\....\client_files\123456xxx\" in the "landir" setting. I don't have a problem getting D.D. to write files to the proper folder I just can't seem to get it to write anything other than a dct or wav. I've set the audio compression setting to MP3 (attempted both "Lame MP3" and "MPEG Layer-3") with no change luck. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
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