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Syncing separately recorded audio track with original camcorder linked audio track

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I've used this suite for a year or two now for camcorder work and I have since improved the quality of my original media by recording the audio separately on a digital recorder, then adding it as track 2 in Videopad.  I can align the first few peaks on track 1 (camcorder audio) & 2 (separately recorded audio) at the start of the video and then mute track 1, it all sounds great and is in sync at first.... that is until I am about 45 minutes in and I can hear that my audio is getting out of sync and I can also see that the peaks on track 1 & 2 no longer align the further I get into the video.  After a couple of hours video this can be by as much as 2 or 3 seconds out of sync.

Now I know that the differing length of the master tracks is because of the slightly different clock accuracy of the equipment that I am using to record, but my question is what is the easiest way to adjust audio track 2 to be in sync both at the start AND the end of a video project.  Ideally I would like to align it at the start and be able to grab the other end of track 2 to shrink or stretch that audio track to align peaks at the end of the project too.

Currently I am exporting to Wavepad then bringing at edited version back into the project, but this is a bit hit & miss and also quite long winded.

Any suggestions welcome.

Many thanks,


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Yes, if the recorders are not sync locked, the result may be as described.  Hours have been spent here on that issue.

One method to overcome the discrepancy that succeeds on occasion is to slightly speed or slow the audio track in VP until it lines up with the video.  Takes experimentation and there can be a lack of alignment where A/V don't end concurrently.  That may be addressed with a later import and trim of the exported project.

You might also try a slight readjustment of sync at intervals, if that doesn't alter the flow.  Whether that will succeed depends to a great degree on the nature of the material.

Others may chime in here with better suggestions.

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Probably the simplest way is to line up your audio at the start of the timeline. SEt the red cursor line to check the alignment is accurate and  set a bookmark at that precise point as a reference. Now move the cursor line to the end of the sequence and determine which way the track has to move to realign the peaks. Right click the track and select Change Clip speed. Click the up/down boxes to alter the speed value. (Lower to lengthen the track; higher to shorten the track) You should see the peaks gradually begin to line up.Referring back to your bookmark line at the start of the sequence you should note that it hardly moves. Repeat the procedure until the alignment is a good as you can get it.



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