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? Transition bug in VP 6.24

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Transition Option set to "Ask Me"

Transitions between separate clips  work OK and the "Ask me" option window comes up as it should.

This does not happen for a split in a single clip even when a section of the clip has been removed and the resulting gap is closed.The option to overlap the two clip sections is not available. Is this deliberate? It does look as if an overlapping crossfade is produced however.


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If set to ASK and adequate FROM and TO video remains on each side of the cut, to cover the dissolve length, a prompt wouldn't be expected.  Varying transition lengths tested here do not overlap or shorten the video. 

However, when the transition length is revised in the effects window - made longer or shorter, but still with adequate excess FROM/TO video - the prompt does appear.  That behavior isn't bad, but seems somewhat inconsistent with what would be expected.

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