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Emmal October

Bad video quality on Videopad

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Whenever I record a video using OBS studio, it had fantastic quality. Then I move the recording to Videopad to edit it and suddenly the video quality is just terrible. I've seen other questions of this and they explain, and the people who asked are satisfied, but it's so vague and confusing. I have no idea what the explanation is talking about or where to find anything they're mentioning. Please explain to me how i'm supposed to get Videopad to show me a high quality video

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I assume you are referring to the preview quality in VP and not the quality on export. If you feel the resolution of the preview screen is too low then click Tools/Options and select a higher resolution with the correct AR. e.g. The highest value is 1920 x 1080 (16:9)

You should also see a marked difference over lower resolution settings if you undock the preview pane and enlarge it. Note however, that in doing this the speed of caching and rendering the project can suffer when making editing changes particularly with less powerful PCs.

If you are referring to the export quality then using auto detect and Lossless export (if possible) should ensure export is close to the original file resolution.


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