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Drag and drop area on screen

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I am using VideoPad on a laptop at the moment so screen real estate is scarce. I have a large section above my Video Track in the timeline that is empty except for the message "drag and drop your video, text and image clips here to overlay". I don't actually use it. Is there any way to collapse it? I can't seem to find one.



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Not certain this will help, but place the pointer on the divider between the video and audio tracks, until the two-headed arrow appears, then left click and drag upwards.

This won't succeed with multiple tracks or those that have a + sign showing at their far left.

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The area you describe is the overlay track  and is normally relatively narrow but can appear wider if your Video track 1 has been collapsed. If you have a + sign at the far left (next to the "eye" icon) of  Video track 1 then click it. This will expand the track at the expense of the overlay track. Unfortunately the overlay track (the dark band with  drag and drop instructions) cannot be hidden or collapsed.

The action suggested in Borate's post works OK but at the expense of the clip preview area which is reduced in size but the video track  is made wider.

However a similar enlargement can be made without affecting the preview window size and this is to grab the white bar at the top centre of the Audio track and then drag the Audio track downwards. The audio track is made narrower and the Video track  wider. The preview screen remains unaltered.


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