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18 to 20 hr "compiled" video file too long for export

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Ok, so a friend asked me to compile a bunch of video game music video files. All the files' size is just over 24 GB, and it is about 19 hrs long. And it's too big for export, even though NCH claims that there is no limit.


Can someone help me with this?


EDIT: Oh derp, forgot the System Specs:


Laptop Model: Lenovo W530

CPU: Intel Core i7-3820QM @2.7 GHz

RAM: 32 GB

GPU: nVidia Quadro K2000M, overclocked by +135 MHz (it's a long story, don't ask without being ready for a LENGTHY PM) (2 GB VRAM)

SSD 1: Samsung 850 EVO, 250 GB (home of video files, but not cache or export locale)

SSD 2: Samsung 850 EVO, 250 GB (Home of cache and export locale)

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Oh derp, forgot the System Specs

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I think you may be pushing the envelope here... On average an hour of video will use about 2Gb

A Single side/Single layer DVD 4.7 Gb will store this. The most on a single disc  would be about 8 hours on 12cm Double sided/Double layer disc.

So why not just re-edit your video to more suitably sized sections of around 4 hrs duration and store on  Single sided/Double layer discs.


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Because it isn't gonna be used with a DVD player, but rather with a media player (VLC).

Also, I don't think size is a problem, i have a 4 TB ready for it.

it's also gonna be a bit hard to do, as its being based off an existing compliation thats about 11 hrs long, and is 175+ songs, back to back.

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There is a limit for number of audio samples you can have in one file - about 12 hours at 48kHz. You can lower the sound sample rate (in some of the codec options or lower the sample rate when recording) to make longer video.

We are working on remove this limitation.

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Okay, I see now. The main 11 hr file had songs in it that i didn't want, so i split the file at the start and end of the songs, and deleted the "new" clip, and trimmed down everything to just under 12 hr. it's working now. But, I never mentioned the insane export time xD

Thank you

(send help)

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