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  1. Thanks Nationalsolo. What if the audio for my project is split up on different tracks and each track has 20 splits? Thanks for your help. PeterD
  2. Borate, Maybe the reason the Replace Effect Chain in Other Selected Clips did not appear when I finished selecting all clips is that it was loading(?) or whatever all the clips. When I came back to and saw your pic it was highlighted. Not exactly how well it normalized but I can tell you that it changed many clips that were originally MUTED to UN-MUTED. I therefore undid all the selections steps. Here is a pic link of what my timeline looks like. Maybe that will show what my situation is. Thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aYKFHgqMZ1m2iqgU-SU-A1oKwK0ezWzD/view?usp=sharing
  3. Sorry Borate but I can't find this reference. I'm using ver. 6.29.
  4. Hi, Thanks for taking my inquiry. I cant figure out how to create a copy of a multi track multi split final audio track. The audio is part of a recorded video presentation with audience participation. The reason for this is that I want to run it thru the "Levelator" app. You could also comment on how and why I should use VPE's audio "Normalizer" for all tracks simultaneously. As always, thanks for your help. PeterD
  5. I'm using 6.29 not ver 7.5. are you saying that is issue is handled the same way? Thanks.
  6. Could the issue be that I purchased the Home addition originally but now see that I downloaded the Professional version? Could this have anything to do with this? There was not a choice of the two version in the "Old Versions" download site. PeterD
  7. Hi, I've reinstalled 6.29 and restarted a new project from source files. I'm now trying to apply a polygon mask to a portion of an image but it is not showing up in the sequence preview for an accurate alignment. Prior to the mask, I re-positioned the frame to the left for a later overlay on right half of the frame. I've done masks on other project but for some reason it is just not working. I've check the "View" tab but am unsure if this is the problem. I'm sure you are going to tell me it's a simple adjustment.....:-)) Thanks for your help.
  8. Borate, Is it safe to say that "Save as Portable" is a ZIP file of the project? Where can I find a description (bug fixes and new features) of the difference between ver. 6.29 and & 7.0? Again, Happy Thanksgiving! PeterD
  9. I installed the lite version (7.50) onto the desktop and loaded the old project. So far so good. I left the new 7.3 version on this laptop due to the fact that I already started a new project on it. Will old projects load into the new version once I purchase it? A new project (7.3), will it load into an older 6.29 version? If the video files and the .vpj file of an old project were moved to another drive and them attempted to open to the another computer, would this cause a problem. As always, thanks for the great support!
  10. Sorry to be a pain but... As I said earlier, I had to reinstall the OS on this laptop. The other day I mistakenly downloaded the latest version and started to work on a new project. I do plan to purchase this new version but I need to first submit the purchase order and that will take at least a week. I tried to export the file but was stopped until I said I would be purchasing it at a later date. I needed to work on an older video that I created with ver 6.29. Thinking I could not install the older version on this laptop I installed it on my desktop. I re-registered it and tried to load an old project but it said the file was not compatible with the 6.29 version. Is that because the version was update during the six-month window? Please advise. Thank you. PeterD
  11. Hi, I have a short clip of a slide that is overlaid onto a video. The slide clip is only 10 sec. but I want it to appear as on overlay for a much longer time period. How would I accomplishment this. Thanks for your help. PeterD
  12. Hi Nat, I think I got it. Part of it was to un-check the AR Maintain in the Scale and to re-position both independently without cropping. Thanks for your help. PeterD
  13. Thanks Nat. So If I understand correctly, I don't have to crop the left had side of the lower clip so that I can have more space to overlay the upper clip? The space I have in the lower clip is not large enough to view the entire slide of the upper clip. So do I have to Scale the upper clip? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I'm a bit confused on how to crop two different clips and then merge or overlay one onto the other. Here is a small snip of what I'm trying to do. Just the step and I think I can figure it out. As usual, thanks for your help! PeterD https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CDw19Y7wOxCX4eX9UzNmZN4Tt38Znv1e
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