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  1. Thank you Borate. I hope you and your's are healthy and staying safe. I see that happy is a good tool and I have a question. How and when should I run Happy? I mean, if I load a recording into VPE, I assume I need to simultaneously run Happy as a separate app and somehow have happy listen to VP's playback in order to get the timing right. Then I would import the SRT file onto VP video track as an overlay. Do I have this right? Or is it that I can export the audio track from VP and load it into Happy and then place the SRT onto a separate video tract as an overlay? In the future, will VPE allow this Happy or other API to be attached to VPE? I'm sure that I'm confusing terms here, sorry. PeterD
  2. Hi. Thanks for taking my question. I video recorded a presentation and loaded it into VPE for some editing. Is it possible for VPE to generate a closed captioned subtitle of the audio? Thank you, PeterD
  3. Borate, Thank you for all your help. I did as you instructed and it was good enough for this project. Allow me to just ask a question or two. 1. When I created seq2 with seq1 where seq1 was an mp4 of all effects (exp,pos,overlay), why does a seq2 better handle the speed change without keeping the pitch? Is there some sort of priority given to seq2??? 2. I totally agree that seriously improving the quality of capturing video at the source is essential. So is it that I'm asking VP to do so much global changes that it is my hardware that is probably the major bottleneck? 3. If memory serves me correctly, I purchases VP in Nov of 2018. When I need to reinstall VP I downloaded 6.29 when in fact I could have dl'd 7.05. Am I correct on this given the 6 months free updates? I was in a way, pleasantly surprised to see all the updates and fixes from 6.29 and 7.51. Again, thanks for you help. Peter D
  4. Borate, Do I need to wait for sequence 2 to buffer (green timeline) before I make the speed change? Then I need to wait for the change to complete? If so, what is the indicator that tells me its completed? When you say export, you mean that the export contains both seq1 and seq2 as the overlay? Peter
  5. Thanks Borate. 1. What is the difference between version 6.29 and 7.53? Where can I find the release notes that explain the differences. 2. I'll try the Sequence 2 method with 6.29 and let you know it it works. 2. Does 7.53 suggest or require more Ram or other specs? 3. Do you think that due to my recording length, that I should divide the recording into 3 or 4 parts and process them independently? Peter D
  6. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qNAi4fFnu-SPKQBOX-pMat-qHwQ-XIh1?usp=sharing
  7. Here are two portable versions. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eseEcmSv_1sdO1GimRDrNmUzMrgNxTrP/view?usp=sharing With speed change so that you can see that in Preview viewing it is in sync. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZEIJSWITMyyEvmPcgbQYEEaWQn3ei5Rl/view?usp=sharing Without speed changes These two files are the entire project. Will you be using 6.29 to analyze this issue? Peter D
  8. Going back to my comment about the "Add Frames" box, here is the situation. I loaded a final mp4 version as a new project then made the change speed adjustments. Waited a bit then previewed it and it was good and on time until the end. Exported the MP4 and it was out of sync. The lower res quality is not good enough for me to use. I tried 1280x720 and as you know it was out of sync. I'm going to try reductions to see if and at what point syncing occurs. I have not tried your 2 track 2 sequences yet. Are these syncing issues due to my hardware limitations? Thanks for the continued support. Peter D
  9. Thanks Borate. When I finished the last edits and exported the mp4, should that mp4 be at a higher res or lower res? Then that mp4 is loaded as a new project and it's speed reduced. What does the "Add Frames" box do?
  10. Hi Borate, I have the same issue. The exported mp4 file is by the end of the video, out of sync (lagging) by about 7 seconds. The project previews are in sync. The video and audio files are the original linked recording. I'm using 6.29 and can not use any other version for now. The entire video is about 1.5 hours. Since I only have 8GB of memory I did increase the Page file. Here is the link. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sI4sugFhCUj22g247AhW0U9ORgWyBHqA?usp=sharing Thanks for your support as always! Peter D
  11. Here are the Portable Project files and the dxdiag report. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/173tZiXcmSal-BlAq-zRd2w1H8kF27tnQ?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s_-ut3Gs8M0ONSfln71JV54B081GW-O9/view?usp=sharing I did download MediaInfo. Did you want me to run a report? If so, which one? Thanks for your support Borate!
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/17EJNQd8dEzSt1-4X88Yh69A3sbkSlbOI/view?usp=sharing Hi, This clip represents the loss of one effect in particular, namely exposure. Here is a brief recap 1. Increased exposure, subnet mask and position were applied for the whole project after loading the file to the timeline. 2. A few additional changes to were made to subnet mask and position, mainly in the beginning. 3. For whatever reason, after some splits, the increase exposure is visibility as it was on the original MP4 file BUT exp eff says it is set to 0.45. 4. Even if I reset the effects and view them in sequence preview they appear to be as I want them to be. 5. You'll see that the Green buffereing on the timeline seems stalled. (?) I hope my description is understandable. Peter D
  13. Hi, I want to send the forum a short 2 min clip from a very large sequence for the purpose of showing the problem I'm having. I cant figure out if this is possible. I set the start and end positions but don't see how to extract or save it with a unique name so that I can then share it. As always, thanks for all the support PeterD
  14. Thanks Borate! Just wanted to check with you.
  15. Hi, My WEBROOT Secure Anywhere app alerted me to "An Active process has a possible handle leak (videopad.exe) I saved the project and closed VPE. Is this something to worry about? What other info do you want to see? Thanks for your help. PeterD
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