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  1. Not to belabor this issue... When some of these audio errors occur, now I know a bit more what they are. Now I need to learn what effects to use in VP to correct or reduce their impact. What I mean is that I don't want to "play" with a few different effects before I get an improved result. Having said that, maybe Wavepad tutorials will teach me exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks again. Peter
  2. Thanks Borate. This link from NPR is what I was looking for. For many of the issues identified, I need to learn how to use VP to correct or reduce their impact. https://training.npr.org/2017/01/31/the-ear-training-guide-for-audio-producers/ Peter
  3. Thanks Borate. Does NCH have a learning video on how to identify the types of audio issues and how to correct them? Peter
  4. Hi Borate. I wonder if you could give me some guidance on the step to attempt to clean up this background distortion issue. I'm using VP's ver 8.77 audio filters. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UmPAJ4516wcVwKHETCwYWs4MTI9aTcFw/view?usp=sharing Thanks for your support. Peter D
  5. Thanks Borate. Happy New Year. Peter
  6. Hi Borate, I reinstalled W10 and reloaded VPE and Debut. All is good. I think I may have deleted a file when I did a Disk Clean up and selected "User File History." Do you think there was something in there that caused the problem? Thanks for your help. Peter
  7. Hi Borate, Merry Christmas. All of a sudden I'm having a problem loading a video file m2ts. When starting a new project, the new file never completely indexes. It stops at about a third of the way and just closes. I tried reinstalling 8.75, installing an older version 8.55 and still the same. I used Revo as well. Short of re-installing windows 10, do you have any suggestions? Stay Safe! Peter
  8. Understood. Thanks for the explanations. It helps. Thanks for your continued support. Peter
  9. After sending you the last email I had the thought to just create an MP4 of the final edited clips and then make another vpj and make the ins and outs on that file. Does this make any sense? I see what you mean in your reply, that even the screenshot version, I can do the in and outs equally and then delete everything outside those parameters. Correct? When I save the project, I imagine it brings all ins and outs together? Thanks again for your help. Peter
  10. Thanks Borate, Here is a link to a screenshot. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlZIwAz6LW7CgZ0z6dMRj_0LMwkyfw?e=zVsfre You'll notice that I've go 1 video track VT2 and 2 audio track. AT2 and 3. Video and audio track 1 no longer exists 1. If I click on the clip I want to extract a small portion by setting the start and endpoint, it does not take the audio from track 3 like I want. And since I have audio track 2 muted, I get no sound. Furthermore, the only way I can set the start and end points is to do it in Clip Preview. Am I correct? 2. I saved the original project as the ...
  11. Hi. What is the best way for me to create a small highlight clip from many larger clips? I was thinking of taking splits, copying them and moving them to a new track but I'm not sure this is the way to do it. I thought about copying a split and opening a new project and pasting it, but that seems to not work. I would appreciate some guidance. I want to take several seconds of several different clips along with its audio and blend them into a three minute clip. Thanks for your help, Peter D Italiangen
  12. Got it thanks. I figured out that the overlapping was due to me setting the red start at 0 minutes and the blue end at 10 minutes. If I get a VTT file from Zoom, can I load it into the subtitles and hit apply or should I first save the VTT file in the subtitles window as an SRT, then apply the SRT file and delete the VTT? Thanks, Peter
  13. Thanks. So how do I get the correct caps for the 10 minutes? In the large text box on the left side of the Subtitles screen, I deleted and began the cc text at 10:00 and I deleted everything after the 20:00 mark. Is that not correct? Peter
  14. Borate, I'm still having issues with CC. Here is a link to the folder that has a 10 minute, low res clip. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16ITYOoYZlDhBsH-byao2M5ozmmVy2K3W?usp=sharing Here are the four files it contains and the issues I'm having. 1. The original zoom file and the vtt file. When I loaded the mp4 and the vtt for the project and then went to the subtitles tab I tried to save the vtt file and it could only save it as an ssa file. 2. I extracted the 10 minutes portion and had to note the beginning and end time stamp so that I could line up the cc text with t
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