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  1. Understood. Thanks for the explanations. It helps. Thanks for your continued support. Peter
  2. After sending you the last email I had the thought to just create an MP4 of the final edited clips and then make another vpj and make the ins and outs on that file. Does this make any sense? I see what you mean in your reply, that even the screenshot version, I can do the in and outs equally and then delete everything outside those parameters. Correct? When I save the project, I imagine it brings all ins and outs together? Thanks again for your help. Peter
  3. Thanks Borate, Here is a link to a screenshot. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AlZIwAz6LW7CgZ0z6dMRj_0LMwkyfw?e=zVsfre You'll notice that I've go 1 video track VT2 and 2 audio track. AT2 and 3. Video and audio track 1 no longer exists 1. If I click on the clip I want to extract a small portion by setting the start and endpoint, it does not take the audio from track 3 like I want. And since I have audio track 2 muted, I get no sound. Furthermore, the only way I can set the start and end points is to do it in Clip Preview. Am I correct? 2. I saved the original project as the ...
  4. Hi. What is the best way for me to create a small highlight clip from many larger clips? I was thinking of taking splits, copying them and moving them to a new track but I'm not sure this is the way to do it. I thought about copying a split and opening a new project and pasting it, but that seems to not work. I would appreciate some guidance. I want to take several seconds of several different clips along with its audio and blend them into a three minute clip. Thanks for your help, Peter D Italiangen
  5. Got it thanks. I figured out that the overlapping was due to me setting the red start at 0 minutes and the blue end at 10 minutes. If I get a VTT file from Zoom, can I load it into the subtitles and hit apply or should I first save the VTT file in the subtitles window as an SRT, then apply the SRT file and delete the VTT? Thanks, Peter
  6. Thanks. So how do I get the correct caps for the 10 minutes? In the large text box on the left side of the Subtitles screen, I deleted and began the cc text at 10:00 and I deleted everything after the 20:00 mark. Is that not correct? Peter
  7. Borate, I'm still having issues with CC. Here is a link to the folder that has a 10 minute, low res clip. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16ITYOoYZlDhBsH-byao2M5ozmmVy2K3W?usp=sharing Here are the four files it contains and the issues I'm having. 1. The original zoom file and the vtt file. When I loaded the mp4 and the vtt for the project and then went to the subtitles tab I tried to save the vtt file and it could only save it as an ssa file. 2. I extracted the 10 minutes portion and had to note the beginning and end time stamp so that I could line up the cc text with t
  8. I tried the ssa file and got the same result. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11GhHwhktHYlJHhKKLAcI7qhBJkk__8ol/view?usp=aring
  9. I still had some issues so I created another Debut file for you to review. Thanks https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qJJYOR4xib_g1JkIWMPckZmIeMBbEpoF/view?usp=sharing
  10. Here is a Debut clip of what I think you are saying. Hope you don't mind me asking for your help this way? Peter https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cPwsO7evWo_tm4GpaCXnuJnVI0CLE8Ym/view?usp=sharing
  11. Hi Thanks for taking my question. I have a Zoom recording that has two out files. One has embedded cc and the other without but has a separate vtt file. I'm trying to get VPE to display the text for the embedded version and still adjust the text size and position. Or, I'd like to use the video version without cc but add the vtt file and make adjustments. Can you supply some insight as to where or not VPE can handle this and how I might proceed? Regards, PeterD
  12. Borate, I did try it on another computer and it did work. So I ran the windows 10 repair and reinstalled windows. It took care of the problem. I installed 8.45 and then the newer version 8.75 and all is well. Thanks for your help. Peter
  13. In order to try another machine, I guess I need to delete VPE on this machine and use another machine and use the license key... Thanks for all your help. Peter
  14. Still the same. I used the tool, deleted all the VPE files and registries entries, reinstalled 8.45, waited 10 minutes, no green progress indicator for video and still no audio track. Like you I played the mp4 with VLC and WMP and it plays just fine. Any other ideas? -0-0- After testing a lower-res version of the file... Sorry to say that it is the same result. Could it be a BIOS issue? I have no idea what I'm talking about but Lenovo did send out an updated version a few months ago. If you look at my account I have issues with VPE that started back then. Peter
  15. Borate, It still does not work. The audio tracks are blank.
  16. Thank you Borate. Here is the link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZUPHviE0u9kLv7dAthNv2DW6EXHtB8n6/view?usp=sharing I originally tried to use a newer version of VPE. It always said the there was an error in loading some transitions and effects. So I uninstalled that ver and tried 8.5x and the problem was still apparent, the same error and no audio recognition. I finally tried the 8.1 ver which was the newest ver when I repurchased a new license in Feb 26. I'd love to use a newer ver that my time period allows.. 8.6x? The Zoom video also has an automated closed captioning emb
  17. I loaded an MP4 video file from Zoom and the audio portion does not appear. I loaded a separate MP3 file and that was not recognized either. The issue is present in 8.5 and 8.1 licensed versions. I'm running w10. Thanks for your assistance
  18. Hi Borate, Just to let you know, I reinstalled W10 and all is ok now. I completed a project using 7.1 before the update and it had very limited effects available. After the re-install, and loading 8.63 then the 7.1 project, VPE accepted the 7.1 version and VPE had all features. So, is it safe to say there was a registry error or other settings? Thanks for your great support as always, Peter Italiangen
  19. Nat, I got the folder back. Thanks for your help
  20. it worked. was it just a type-o? How bad of a problem is the missing components folder? Your support is invaluable to me, Borate! Peter
  21. Thanks Borate for all your help. I'll stay with 7.51 for the moment. I'd like to get a more recent version that has fixes and upgrade functionally. I remember that there was a listing of older versions of VP software that I could try but I can't seem to find the URL that allows me to install an older version. Do you think there is much to gain if I work my way thru the list between 7.51 and 8.6? NationalSolo, I deleted the Components folder and reinstalled and it did not work. I looked for the folder and it did not reinstall. What is the impact? Regards, Peter D
  22. Thank you very much Borate! You keep coming thru for me. May I mention a few points. 1. This was a video file from Zoom 2. Could a virus be the cause? I'm running Windows Security only and keep things updated. 3. I'm going to assume that these issues are caused by my computer somehow. What tests or tools would you recommend I use to research or verify that my computer is working properly? I hope I'm not asking to much. Regards, Peter
  23. I just tried to load the 8.63 and it failed in the same way. If it helps, does you team want to remote in? I reinstalled 7.51 and got the error message; "There was an error loading one or more of the effects or transitions icons. Please reinstall..... but just clicked ok and loaded the Test.avi file and it loaded correctly.
  24. Lenovo Yoga 730 Windows 10 Processor: Intel Core i5-8250U PCU@1.6GHZ 1.80 GHZ Ram: 16GB 64GB OS x64-based processor Graphics Intel UHDGraphics 620 Is this what you wanted. I'm not sure how to find the GPU info? Peter
  25. Borate, The test version 7.51 loaded the test.avi just fine. How should I proceed? Do I now have two versions of VPE on my system? Should I keep the 7.51 and just update it with the newer version 8.77? As for the clearing the cache, it was the local\temp\ and the message was "No cache files were deleted. Either some cache files are still in use or there were no cache files to delete." PeterD
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