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  1. Dangerfreak

    Export quality

    Same here... I'm not sure, but I think the bitrate sometimes is set to 24kbs, if you change other export settings like the filename or the frame rate. Unfortunately I don't know a solution.
  2. Dangerfreak

    Help! New version doesn't take snapshots?

    If your window is too small, the snapshot button is not visible. Click on the >> button ... see below:
  3. Dangerfreak

    How do I import fonts for use in "Add Text?"

    Just install them in your Windows operating system - after that you can select them in videopad.
  4. Dangerfreak

    Lossless export has different specs?

    I just downloaded your original mp4 and made a losless export. The export file is slighty smaller (losless file: 42067995 bytes, original 42068111 bytes), the frame rate and the bitrates for video and audio are identical (Videopad version 6.02 beta).
  5. Dangerfreak

    Your suggestions please for video slideshow

    The display time depends on the details of the photos, I usually set it to 3-4 seconds with a transition time of 1 second. I think that works best.
  6. Dangerfreak

    Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the cache. Even after I let VP do all its caching and the cpu has enough free time, I have the buffering problem as described above.
  7. Dangerfreak

    Preview buffers even on 360p on powerful computer

    I have the same problem, powerful computer, but I always get "buffering" while previewing (the more clips, the worse). Changing the preview resolution or the fps doesn't help. The preview also gets stuck nearly after every clip/scene. And once the preview is running, I often can't stop it anymore - the video is stuck, sound is still playing, but videopad does not respond to any interactions. Sometimes I have to wait until the whole sequence is over, before I can continue working with videopad. However, I think I know the reason for that. If I change the preview fps to any value, the preview doesn't get stuck after one clip (no buffering) - unfortunately for a few seconds only. I'm pretty sure, it has something to do with the background queues (videopad is always working in the background). These background processes obviously are so demanding, that the preview doesn't have enough CPU time to work correctly. Unfortunately there is no way to stop these background processes...