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  1. Thanks a lot. I just remembered, I did the final edit and subtitle yesterday, saved it, just needed to export it again today but Video looks weird I will export it when get home and hope it looks normal....
  2. Thanks How do I find VideopadSoundCache subfolder? i got the new version and cleared cache...I look like the elephant man in this video since yesterday....luckily, I exported it before this happened. Just need 1 edit and 1 subtitle to complete the video. Does that mean I can do it another way rather than splitting up the video into sections? I have to figure how to split it up sections if that is necc..
  3. VP is open, when exporting says "limited disc space" Yes, this is a complicated, long video 1.20 min with lots of pages and subtitles.
  4. Advice would be so much appreciated, many thanks... Dee
  5. I was wondering if you might kindly tell me how to do this? I clicked split twice, then copied that section. Where do i paste it to create a separate video, please? I wish to retain the section in original video ie have it in 2 videos... thanks, Dee
  6. Thanks I think I understand. i think it is my pc as I deleted some VP files then was ok. Next day it happened again, then box told me to close windows of websites that were open on pc....so probably have used too much memory on pc.... I put that into Explorer (Windows file manager), says "no results".... -0-0- Do you know why my small box where I watch my video to edit, goes still towards end of video only? I can hear audio but unable to edit as video not moving... VP crashed earlier this morning...earlier on in video. It is a moving video.
  7. Hi, I finally joined up 6 videos, thanks for your help with that! The solution was to export the 4 videos then put them into a folder.... It is now a 1 hour 8 min video. VP says my cache is full cannot save my edited work. Not sure where I must delete, is it VP files to delete or anything on my pc? Help much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Dee Now, I notice, I cannot open the VP app....
  8. Thanks a lot...it worked! I really appreciate it, thanks!
  9. thanks they are def mp4, she'll sort it out tomro night. The other folder with 5 new video files, well, i dragged down the 2nd video to end of 1st video, so they are joined up nicely but strangely, there is a gap at start of video, so is black screen for 2 mins. I tried to drag box to start of timeline, won't move. If you could kindly advise, that would be greatly appreciated.... many thanks, Dee
  10. Thanks, I did this initially, eg video 1 is now in media bin, click add files, to add video 2, it appears in media bin and timeline, video 1 disappeared, I clicked all tabs, cannot find video 1. I am seeing my editing teacher tomorrow night, hopefully she might see what i am missing....at least I can start on 2nd project....
  11. thanks for you reply thanks for your help in the past...much appreciated I clicked all the tabs, once the other 2nd video appeared but it took the place of the 1st video. I don't think it's about which version am using but the issue is I'm doing something wrong.....I joined up a video about 6 months ago... I used the version you gave me in Mar 21. Last week, VP crashed, NCH offered me the latest version... then decided to join some videos...had this issue. with that version Yesterday, I went back to March version, same issue. 6 months ago, it was so easy, media bin had one item, video 1 and it was in timeline...uploaded video 2, then 2 videos were in media bin, video 1 was inj time line....I just dragged down video 2, next the no 1 in timeline and it was done... now, all these other things are in media bin and can't get 2 videos into media bin I think there is something I am doing wrong.... put it another way. how can I get more than 1 video into the media bin? I tried copying 5 videos I want to join up, so they turn blue, from pc to VP, but only last one got onto VP -0- Thanks, that was awesome! I did it! I made folder in pc, now ,have 5 videos in one VP project, to join up! Thanks! They were unedited videos. The initial project also with 5 videos, are separetely edited projects on VP, maybe that is why they can't appear in media bin at same time? How can I fix this so can make into one video, delete them all and start over again? Hope not...
  12. Before, media bin was not so messy, now there is text file, audio file.. before, I could click text, audio or video file, that alone would be in media bin... Few months ago, I uploaded one video, put in timeline, then I uploaded 2nd video, then dragged it down next to 1st video so is one video. I cannot do that now. When I upload 2nd video, it immed appears in timeline, 1st video has disappeared.... can you advise, please? Have 5 videos to join up, thanks
  13. Hi, thanks guys, for your wonderful help in the past, I really appreciate it. I recently had a glitch, NCH offered me a new version. But I can only make new projects, I can't add existing videopad files from my pc as they simply aren't visible...thus cannot upload them to videopad.... please kindly advise, thanks
  14. Thanks, Borate! The outro page, I was able to drag and lengthen duration that way, to 2.30 secs. Th inserting a text page in middle of video, I had to abandon after 2 hours...maybe my teacher on Wednesday will get to the bottom of it. many thanks for your kind help! Sending you the folder is beyond me...thanks for the offer of looking at the project... Dee
  15. A page as in a word doc...black text on white to go into my video, no audio to the page... I forgot some information on video, so adding that info as a text page into video...for viewers.
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