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Steps To Contact NCH

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For a technical support contract go to http://www.nch.com.au/support/purchase.html and purchase technical support to get your email in a priority queue. Important things to note are be sure to use the same email you purchased support with when contacting NCH or your email will not get priority. Also do not change the Subject line or this will interfere with our tagging and also put your ticket in the low priority queue. Always start a new ticket by going through the form on the product page. Emailing the support address directly will also put your email ticket in the low priority queue.


For non-contract, low priority support questions:


1. Find your product on www.nch.com.au

2. Click on Technical Support on the right-hand side of the product page you are viewing.

3. Read through the common issues found under the Technical Support Link. Many questions are answered in those links.

4. The last resort/link... Click on the link that says "None of the above answers my question. Contact Technical Support."


Your email will then be sorted into the NCH Technical Support ticketing system and will be answered in turn after support contract tickets.

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