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Output Distorted on Mixed File


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Using registered (Purchased today), and when record 2 tracks in a mix, the resulting output has a lot of distortion

low volume, and choppy sound.


Anyone know the work around ?


Using an HP Laptop with AMD TL58 Processor (Duo), 4 GB Memory, and Conexant High Definition Smart Audio HD2.


On the Recoeding Options for the Output Track, I select Channel = "Master Volume", and for Device = WaveOut Mix (Conexant High Definition HD2)


Any help would be appreciated as I purchased this MixPad for the purpose of mixing tracks.

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Try using your setting in your control panel...after that make sure to do a 'test' on your sound. This usually balances out the sound in and out...from you MixPad, then go to the options and make sure you click on the periphrals you are currently using. USB mic, USB to quarter inch cord, etc... then make sure you main volumn will handle the loudes sounds that it sould be recorded at...


If you have stuff already recorded, then you may be able to take it to WavePad and fix it with the Noise Gate and other corrections.


Hope this Helps



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