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  1. Thanks for visiting my page!

  2. Glad I was able to help! Just love that you say "cheers"!
  3. Hello! I saw your edit, but I may have a suggestion for you as well, if you go to options, you will see a place where you can 'Place your output file'. For now, until you get familiar with the program, I suggest you create a folder on your desktop, and call it VideoPad. Have the output set to this folder on the desktop, and then make new folders for each new project. It's kinda like filing folders for each time you are doing the editing. That way when you need to come back to it, you will easily see what has been done and if was done correctly. Fast and easy. Hope this helps! ~JG
  4. Hi CHUCK! Thanks for visiting my page!

  5. I have run into this problem in the past. My situations was that I didn't realize I was trying to pull from a shortcut rather than from the actual source itself. I now always go into options and change where I have the file to land, or take from. Other than this situation, this is all I have to give, if you find new clues I may be able to help you further. ~JG
  6. I appreciate your great investigative work as well! Thank you for the new insight! ~JG
  7. This I will have to hand over to someone else, however, this intrigues me so I will do my own research as I find your answer, in the mean time, if someone else has more knowledge in this area, I would hope they would answer. It usually takes me less than a week to understand the full extent of what is needed so, I would ask you to give me that time and I will return. I will return daily to see if anyone else has suggestions as well... By the way, FILE>>>Covert Channels>>>much easier! ~JG
  8. I would suggest to take one of the sound legs and edit in WavePad....use the amplify or soften feature, (hot tab on your left) and make it as loud or as soft as the other recording....then highlight the whole thing, and use the 'remove hiss and noise' feature, also on your left. Remember, the more positive you go towards '0' the more you will make it silent...I would suggest going '-36 to -20'...going negative will allow the sound to come through and the hiss to disappear. Remember to make which ever the dominant one so that you can set your standard to that one...If you have MixPad, you will be able to put both recordings down and have them play at the same time to determine if you set your levels correctly. You can also do it on WavePad, but I just like using MixPad to hear the finished corrections. Make sure to make copies of the original file first while you experiment with the sound corrections... THEN GO TO OPTIONS>GENERAL>USE DEFAULT SAMPLE RATE AND CHANNELS>SET DEFAULT(LARGE LONG BAR)>MONO>>>SAVE AS Hope this helps, ~JG
  9. The neat thing about WavePad is the hot features on the left hand side...highlight the part or all of the recording and then on the right hand side there is a feature called 'amplify louder or softer". Experiment to find the right sound for you...you can also remove any of the static noise that an answering machine could make by clicking on the next feature down called "Remove noise or hiss"...you do this by highlighting the area, and then clicking the feature. A box will come up to ask how much...usually the higher in the negative "-36" will take away the hiss without disturbing the actual audio...the closer to '0' then you will take away the sound completely... so becareful, and make sure you have several saved copies...Name them differently while learning to experiment with WavePad...you will find WavePad is great for this particular application! Good Luck! Hope this helps... ~JG
  10. YOU ARE sOOOOO WELCOME!!! Good luck on all your projects! ~JG
  11. This happened to me as well... 1. right click on the one you want to record on. 2. scroll down till you get to "Set Recording options" 3. choose 'channel' and change to 'microphone' 4. notice your 'record vol' has become active.... There are other ways as well, if it has been recorded already, then on the bottom is the master volume, however, remember if it is too far in the red, you are going a bit "too hot' and may distort some of the sound. I was trying to link some pics I made, however, this BB won't allow it... Hope this helps, ~JG
  12. I just looked online to see what you had. It appears that your track is already on the computer as some kind of file, right? What type of file is it and then I can help further...
  13. Hi! As SoundTap starts to record, it will show the six digit number as you had mentioned. But on the actual SoundTap program, the screen should say something like"SoundTap is recording the audio stream to file [C:\Doc..../200901-10 121545.mp3] It's the last number '545' that I look at then go to "Find and Play" to search. It always ends at the bottom and not the top of the list for me. Then I close the player, if I played to check if it recorded okay, then I right click and push"rename". Always end it with ".wav" or ".mp3" depending on how you set your recordings. Hope this helps... ~JG
  14. Hi, well, what I did, (being windows xp), went into my sound devices and pulled up the sound control for my "Audio Recording" and left it on my desktop. That gave me great sound control. You may have to reset your settings when you record from different sources. It is a bit daunting, and hopefully SoundTap will have that on the next upgrade, but for now, I use the control panel. Hope this helps, ~JG
  15. Try using your setting in your control panel...after that make sure to do a 'test' on your sound. This usually balances out the sound in and out...from you MixPad, then go to the options and make sure you click on the periphrals you are currently using. USB mic, USB to quarter inch cord, etc... then make sure you main volumn will handle the loudes sounds that it sould be recorded at... If you have stuff already recorded, then you may be able to take it to WavePad and fix it with the Noise Gate and other corrections. Hope this Helps ~JG
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