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Cannot record from Windows Media Player

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I tried to record the sound from an .avi video with RecordPad. But I could not get the sound into RecordPad (the VU meter remained zero):

- I am using a new Dell PC (Inspiron 531) with Windows Vista Home Premium

- I am using Windows Media Player 11.0 as sound input device.

- In the RecordPad AudioSetupWizard I have the following options:

- - SoundRecordDevice:

- - - [ Default Sound In ]

- - - Line in (Realtek High Defini

- - AudioInputChannel:

- - - Windows Record Mixer

- - - Main volume

- While playing the .avi file in Windows Media Player I tried all 4 combinations. None of them was successful: The VU meter remained zero.


However with my 10 year old Windows 2000 computer I did succeed !! But there I had more options in the RecordPad AudioSetupWizard:

- - SoundRecordDevice:

- - - [ Default Sound In ]

- - - Creative Sound Blaster PCI

- - AudioInputChannel:

- - - TV Tuner Audio

- - - Mic Volume

- - - Line In

- - - CD Audio

- - - Sum

There was only one combination for which I succeeded: that was when using AudioInputChannel = "Sum".



Thanks in advance!

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