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  1. I tried to record the sound from an .avi video with RecordPad. But I could not get the sound into RecordPad (the VU meter remained zero): - I am using a new Dell PC (Inspiron 531) with Windows Vista Home Premium - I am using Windows Media Player 11.0 as sound input device. - In the RecordPad AudioSetupWizard I have the following options: - - SoundRecordDevice: - - - [ Default Sound In ] - - - Line in (Realtek High Defini - - AudioInputChannel: - - - Windows Record Mixer - - - Main volume - While playing the .avi file in Windows Media Player I tried all 4 combinations. None of them was successful: The VU meter remained zero. However with my 10 year old Windows 2000 computer I did succeed !! But there I had more options in the RecordPad AudioSetupWizard: - - SoundRecordDevice: - - - [ Default Sound In ] - - - Creative Sound Blaster PCI - - AudioInputChannel: - - - TV Tuner Audio - - - Mic Volume - - - Line In - - - CD Audio - - - Sum There was only one combination for which I succeeded: that was when using AudioInputChannel = "Sum". HOW CAN I GET THE "SUM" OPTION ALSO ON MY WINDOWS VISTA PC ? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have downloaded the 3.05 version. And it works !! The crashes have disappeared. I did not expect the fix anymore, so I was already looking for other software. But now I will start using your software. Thanks!!!
  3. I'm having "shut down" problems when doing SplitAtThisPoint or with AutoSplit (this is the only feature I would like to use). I have the following configuration: - WavePad trial version (with all features enabled). - Windows 2000. - Old hardware: Pentium 300 MHz, 512 MB RAM - 70 MB .wav file, so not extremely large. I think they're simply bugs. Not sure whether I will buy WavePad Master because not usable, and others W2K users seem to have similar problems. Any suggestions?
  4. I have not bought WavePad Masters Edition yet, but had the same question. I got an email reply within 24 hours. This was the answer: ------------------------------------------------- Hi, When you register your software you will receive a code unique to you and that particular software application, the browser will display these registration and activation codes, and an email containing the registration and activation codes is automatically sent to you, we both advise you to print out a copy of the code immediately from the browser and keep that hard copy in a safe place and to also keep a copy of the e-mail you recieve . After reinstalling the software following a computer crash or hard drive failure, the licence registration and activation code must be re- entered into the software's registration window. Please send us the full code details (Name - Location - ID - Key) for each of your licences and we will generate new Keys to be used with the codes. So as long as you have a copy of your original details to send to us we will be able to generate a new key to be use with your ID. Regards, Deanna Campbell NCH Support NCH Swift Sound www.nch.com.au Please include any previous correspondence history as then, no thread of communication is lost. At 07:02 PM 29/05/2006, you wrote: >RecordPad TechnicalSupportRequest: >I would like to buy the above products, but next year I will have a >new PC. Can I take the licenses with me or will I have to pay another $100 ? > >Thanks, >Stefan >--- This customer has NOT paid for support using this email address >Extra Information (1): RecordPad / WavePad >Extra Information (2): Windows 2000 > > >-- >No virus found in this incoming message. >Checked by AVG Free Edition. >Version: 7.1.394 / Virus Database: 268.7.1/347 - Release Date: 24/05/2006 ---------------------------------------------------- So I guess you'll have to write them an email again and hope that they will answer this time. Maybe it helps if you write that you "consider to buy" other products to . Stefan
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