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Problems with 'Despatch'


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Am trying to send a file through 'Despatch'.

However, my default email is Hotmail to which my Express Scribe software is registered.  When i try to 'Despatch' I get an error message saying 'Couldn't send email using MAPI.  Please ensure that you have installed an email application that supports MAPI (eg. Outlook etc.) and have configured an email account in that application.'

Can anyone advise if there is a way to change my registered software from my Hotmail account to an Outlook account?

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When the MAPI option is selected, email is sent using your default email program. The emails will be available in the history of the client (i.e., in the Sent box)

You must have MAPI-compliant email software installed. Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook(*) are MAPI compliant. If you do not have MAPI software installed, simply download and install Thunderbird (free) from www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/. You'll have to set up your email software as the default MAPI server. In Outlook use Tools / Options / Make Default. In Mozilla Thunderbird go to Tools, Options and tick 'Use Thunderbird as the default mail application' in the General tab.

Outlook Problems: Some versions of Outlook cause problems because the automated send feature is disabled, or it prompts you every time it needs to send a message (which defeats the purpose of automated email!). The easiest solution to this problem is to simply download the free version of Thunderbird from Mozilla.org. You will still be able to use Outlook as your main email application but you can set up Thunderbird simply for sending automated mail. You will need to allow the sending of email by another application. The first time an email is sent you will be prompted if this is to be allowed. You should check the checkbox to allow this always.

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