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How to transfer Debut licence?


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Hi Debut!, or technical department,

At present moment I have paid version of Debut video recorder on my wife's PC. But she don't need any more this software. How can I transfer the licence to my PC? 

The wife's PC Debut software is paid from bank card. 

So I mean, this is like technical migration from one PC to other.

Thank You in advance!

Regards, Slava

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To ensure a smooth software transfer to your new computer, it is important to uninstall it from your old computer before proceeding. Once uninstalled, you may proceed with the installation process on your new computer. Remember to utilize the software version covered by your license and enter your registration code after installation. If you require assistance in locating the appropriate software version or registration code, please feel free to reach out to NCH technical support for further guidance.


If there are any recordings in your program, it is recommended to save them before uninstalling. Simply open the program > View > Recordings > Select the video files that you want to save > Right-click > Save As >...

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