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Moving files to delete blank space at start of mix


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Hi folks.

I use a template that deliberately has around 20 seconds of space at the start of the track. This allows me to put an intro in when I use the template.

When I put an intro that is shorter than that in, it leaves space that I don't want / need.

Is there a way I can delete that space without having to mark all tracks to move them to the left?   

Currently I generate the MP3 file and manually delete the space - but I would like to be able to do that in MixPad if possible. 

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To remove any unnecessary silence or extra space in your audio tracks, simply follow these steps: First, select the track you wish to edit. Next, position the cursor at the start of the section where you want to eliminate the space, then click and drag the cursor towards the right to highlight the unwanted portion. Finally, proceed to trim that particular section. If you have multiple tracks containing unwanted space, repeat the steps for each track.

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