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NCH Soundtap V8.05s With Windows 11 not recording / Found a solution


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I discovered that with Windows 11 and NCH Sound Tap Recording I was successful when using Jabra Speak 510 Portable USB Bluetooth Speakerphone Wireless 7510-109 PHS002W
With this usb connected speaker device NCH was able to detect and pick up audio.  The sound input device is noted as Echo Cancelling Speakerphone.
Other usb audio devices may work, but thought I would share.
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This didn't work for me sadly, I got excited for a minute. Anyone know of any other workarounds? I'm trying to read all the posts to see what the issue is; all I know is that I just bought a new latop with Win 11 (instead of my old one w/ Win 10) and now neither Soundtap or Debut will record sound. I just purchased both programs a few months ago, I'm so bummed. Any other suggestions?

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Same problem.  Just purchased and installed SoundTap Sound-Streaming Audio Recorder (Version: 8.05) for use on a 1-year old Acer laptop computer with Windows 11.   Unable to record any sound.  Reached out to support; a tech indicated that the software was not compatible with my Acer laptop. To the company's credit, it agreed to process a full refund.  Before submitting my request for refund today, I tried the suggestion of connecting Bose headphones.  Although my laptop connected easily to my headphones, SoundTap would still not record anything.  As a follow-up, I will submit request for a full refund.   

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