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There was no error message because the operation couldnt happen. The "Paste" function was "greyed out" unable to use in mixpad. I can "copy" in wave pad, but unable to paste into mixpad. I've been using these two products together seamlessly for close to 10 years. This New Version of both is the first time I've had issues. Yes, both are the latest versions and registered.

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To utilize the copying feature in WavePad, follow these steps: select the desired portion of the recording, right-click, and choose the "Copy" option. Then, press Ctrl+N on your keyboard to create a new tab, and proceed to paste the copied section into this new tab. Consequently, only the copied portion will be present in the newly created tab. After that, right-click on the chosen recording and select the "Mix in MixPad" option. By following these steps, you should achieve the desired outcome.

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