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Differences in multiple versions of v17.98


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Having the same (paid) version (v17.98) on both my desktop and laptop, I see different menus for normalization. That makes choosing the right method and sticking to that VERY confusing. How is this possible?

  • On my desktop just 4 sentences.
  • On my laptop a much more elaborate menu with even a preview option.

(Sorry, don't think I can add a screenshot here.)

Thanks for any help,


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Reinstall the Wavepad version that has the less desirable normalization menu.  No need to re-download.  This can take several installs.

Odd as it may seem, slightly different features and menus may appear per install, even with the same release.  This is marketing related.

As for screenshots, a link is the way to go.  Upload the shot to a free server, get a public (shared) link and post it here.

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