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Not sure if this is the right section, but all the others I could not understand.

With the demise of Windows Movie Maker after Vista finished NCH appeared in a search.

As I am retired I only need  Slideshow software for my own use and for sending to friends  so I do not require the paid version. I put together a Test Slideshow, exported it and it came out pixilated, I backed up and tried to export again  and it said I needed to buy it, furthermore I could not add one of my own videos to my slideshow. 

Windows Moviemaker was quite a simple format with quite a few good features and NCH seems to have copied it.

If the software is for my own use and not for commercial use why is it forcing me down the  Payment path. I certainly don't want something that pixilates photographs.

Please advise.

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Is Photostage the program that you are using?   https://www.nchsoftware.com/slideshow/index.html

A free version is hereIt may prompt to upgrade to a license version, but that shouldn't be required.  Reinstall if necessary.

It should not pixelate.  What is the resolution of the original?  What is the resolution of the export?  They should be similar or identical, for best quality.

Or the export can be smaller.  But if it's considerably larger than the original, expect quality degradation.

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes it is NCH and downloaded your link.

I have made another test slideshow 

After many tries when the small data screen comes up when Exporting I managed to find the right settings and it came out clear. I will try a few more and get to know this software. Think there was a bit of operator error along the line.

Thanks for your help.



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