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problem with signal strenght while recording second track.


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Hi, i am very new with mixpad. ( and in this forum )

When i do record a track, signal strength is good. so recording is perfect.

but the sound which comes out of the loudspeaker ( computer output) is very soft. i do hardly hear the sound i am recording)

When i just play a recorded track, the signal strength is perfect strong.

so, please tell me , what do i do wrong?

Thanks !



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Hi n1x1,

thanks for your remarks.

I think i found all audio options: (I have a dutch program, so i tried to translate the names)

i put the mixpad program on an other compter and hear nothing of my playing on my keyboard while recording.

i do hear the other recorded tracks perfect.



this are my intellingen:

1. Menu-start-options-general:   

                                                        apparatus: core audio loudspeakers

                                                        play channel:  stereo

2. Menu-record-audio options:

                                                        record whith an apparatus:     = core audio line input

                                                        stereo/mono = stereo

3. Menu-options-general options: 

                                                         apparatus: core audio loudspeakers

                                                          standard play channels:  stereo


i hope i forgot something.... but what???


Wim Apon


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