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WAV files in 32 bit float

Ade Byrne

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I'm no expert in this field but I am just trying to get a boss looper machine to recognise some WAV samples I have. I see it wants them at 41k sample rate and encoded with floating point. The only options I see are integer, and the machine is not recognizing the files.

I have tried updating codec on my Win10 PC ut that has not given me the option.

Any thoughts or help appreciated

Ade Byrne

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It seems that you face some compatibility issues with the sample rate. You can try to convert the Sample Rate and check the result.

To convert the sample rate of the current file use the menu Edit -> Convert Sample Rate and select the new sample rate. The sample rate must be between 6000 and 192000 samples per second. Typical sample rates are displayed in the pull-down list, but you can also enter your values. Convert your file to 41000.



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