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Trouble Exporting Tracks in MixPad


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I've been using MixPad for a while now and recently I've encountered an issue when trying to export my tracks. Every time I attempt to export, it's giving me an error message. Has anyone else experienced this? Could you please share any insights or solutions? Through Mcdvoice homepage, customer or participant can give his honest opinion (positive or negative feedback) to improve product quality, service, store quality & norms. https://mcdvoice.support/

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Sorry but perhaps you forgot to attach the error message (screenshot) with your last response. 

Exporting in MixPad in general can be checked here: https://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/mixpad/win/exporting.html

Hard to tell what the issue is really without the actual error message, so we look forward to seeing that, along with more info about the exact steps/settings you've used if possible.

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