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Can slightly out of sync sound and video be synced?

Dave Rado

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I've downloaded a video from Dailymotion as an MP4 using a video downloader, but whereas the sound and picture are perfectly in sync in the video at the url I downloaded it from, for some reason they are very slightly out of sync in the MP4. Is there any way of fixing this using Videopad, i.e. syncronising them? I've uploaded the slightly out of sync MP4 to here. The original, perfectly in sync, video is here.


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Your 'slightly out' file looks good in the MPC-BE viewer but it's out in Videopad preview.  It doesn't play smoothly in another editor as well.

What downloader was used?

Please leave the link up for a few days - for analysis.

Specifically, which suggestion from the linked thread did you take to solve the issue?

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