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Voice 2 plays sharp instead of natural

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I have a measure where Beat 1 has a C in Voice 2 and Beat 4 has a C# in voice 1.   The C in voice 2 plays as a C# unless I remove the # from the C# on Beat 4. What is wrong?    I have tried re-aligning the measure, and also re-starting Crescendo but it didn't fix the problem. It happens to any Voice 2 note that has an accidental on a later beat in Voice 1.  If the later beat is also in Voice 2, it does not happen.  (This is all in Key of C).

If I print the C with a natural sign, then it plays C natural, but this should not be necessary.   I have not tried it with other voices.

I am using Crescendo  V9.40 and Windows 10.

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To clarify & elaborate a bit.
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