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How do I keep the Animated Text within the screen?

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This maybe a little odd for me to explain but I will try anyways.

In the past I have made Visual Novel like panels on PhotoPad like these for example in which I have added them in on VideoPad in which I dub the soundtrack in to make Video projects like this...


But since PhotoPad does not have a "Animate Text" option I thought I go with ExpressAnimate here. While I did realize a couple of things such as...

1. For best results use .jpeg and .png images, oh sure one can use .gif images but they will only last on the screen for like a second or two.

2. Put the story background with the Characters in there on the upper center part of the text screen. (Basically use pictures like these for example.) And have the text on the regular background area in the Animation Canvas. Since placing text in a picture is a bit difficult.

I get all that, but I wanted to add in Animated (namely Typewritten) text in the animation. Problem is I can't get the text to fully stay on the screen even if I made the text rather small, and when I do make the text small there is a chance its rather garbled. So to make a long story short how do I get Animated Text to fully stay on the screen? My apologies if I'm not using this program correctly as I am a bit of a newbie here but still I just thought I ask.

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