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  1. Ladies & Gentlemen I'm aware of the "Colorize" tool in the Retouch section and I have used it in some of my projects in the past. However there is one issue that I have had in mind. What do I do if I want to colorize something into white. Like take this for example... https://i.imgur.com/yOE0Ucz.jpg How do I change the Dark Purple Jacket into a white one (that would match the blouse)? This won't be the only case where I would need to colorize an object white but how do I colorize a part of a picture white without losing all the other colors in a picture?
  2. Well good news nevermind on that, apparently this little situation has stopped since later on last month. In which the fact that browsers such as Firefox seem to not be using WEBP on images in general is probably a factor here.
  3. Hi I used to be able to drag & drop .gif & .png pictures that had transparent backgrounds and have the background stay transparent. Unfortunately lately when I have dragged a photo with a Transparent background it would autofill the background into black. I'm trying to stop this (and yes I am aware of the "Select" feature and the Color Removal function in which both are a bit finicky and can remove colors that I do not want removed even if I have them at the lowest settings). How do I load a picture with a Transparent Background onto PhotoPad without having to save it on my computer fi
  4. Wait a minute I realized that I also need MixPad as well, do I have to pay over a $100 to get all 3 programs even with their discounted prices or can I get them for a bundle for lower?
  5. I want to be able to download both RecordPad and WavePad because I have potential use for them both. But can I download them both in one package? Or will I have to download both programs for two different prices? (Which might be a little too costly for me). So can I download them both at once? Or will I have to download them both as seperate packages.
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