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Express Rip v1.40 bugs

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I press the button "setting" in

Express Rip. There, I take "custom"

and set the string to {%n2 - %t}

Express Rip handles this wrongly.

E.g. track 01 with name "Temp pour

nous" is written out as

"01 . Temp pour nous.aac".

Instead of a hyphen, a point is

written out. This is a bug. In fact,

the point is written out by default,

the specified hyphen is simply ignored.


If you rip a CD it would be better

to write in the "Extract CD Track(s)"


Loading "Perles de pluie" instead of

Loading Perles de pluie.


I tried the album "Jardin Secret"

of "Axelle Red". This a French

singer and her songs carry French

names with accents. Express Rip

is handling these accents wrong.

E.g.: "Romantique à mort". In the

track table of Express Rip, the

à is gone. In the filename that is

written out, the same is true.

In the "Extract CD Track(s)" it is

correct. These are two bugs. The

same is true for the track

"Ce don't le monde à besoin", "Naïve"

and "Fruits défendu".


If we consider the same CD some other

thing are bugy. It is a CD with data

on it next to the song tracks. If the

CD is loaded, and you start Express Rip,

he says "No CDDB match found". In the FAQ

it is written this is the case because

it is not a proper audio CD or because

the CD is not currently listed in the

freeDB database. This is wrong. Express

should distinguich between both cases

and write out a correct error message.

In this case this would be that it is

not a proper audio CD, and he should

access the freedb database and identify

the tracks. When the CD is ejected, and

loaded again when Express Rip is already

running he says correctly that it is not

a proper audio CD and displays the names

of the tracks (he has accessed freedb).

This should also happen when Express Rip

is started when the CD is already loaded.


A bugfixed version for download

would be great.


Best regards,



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